According to a new survey, iPhone users are more sexually active than BlackBerry and Android phone users. Did you think about what phone you have? Me too. I don’t think this study is actually valid, but it got me thinking about what your phone says about you. Before the rise of smart phones I don’t think this really mattered for your brand. A phone was a phone, unless you were one of those early adopters who always got the latest and greatest and were known for that. I’ve done a little research in to what types of phones different people tend to use and what it means for their image.

Phone images and personalities

You balance work and play, and usually like to do them both at the same time. You probably work on Madison Avenue or in some other creative field. Some people might see you as a follower, but they’re probably just jealous that their carrier doesn’t have the iPhone. People automatically think of you as young, connected, and hip.

You’re all business (or at least look like it). You probably work on Wall Street or in some other job where everyone else has a BlackBerry too. Anyone who doesn’t have a BlackBerry probably questions why you have one, because they’re not as fun and functional as other phones.

You are a master multi-tasker. You probably work in Silicon Valley or have some interest in technology. You’re willing to try new things. You do your research and try to make the most informed decisions. People probably ask you how you like your Android phone all the time, because they’re thinking about getting one (they probably have a BlackBerry).

What kind of phone is that? You’re way behind the curve, unless you’ve got a great reason for having this phone.

When it comes to your brand, you’re being judged all the time. You’re judged by what you look like, what you wear, how you speak, your vocabulary, your work, and your accessories.