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    Anderson Cooper Is Good For The Gay Brand

    Why coming out still matters when there’s brand value to be had

    “It’s strange that still today there is an aspect of selflessness to public figures coming out as gay.”

    That was the first tweet I saw about Anderson Cooper coming out. Albeit relevant, it lead to a trail of thoughts about that exact subject. …

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    Hillary Clinton’s Golden Opportunity

    How her brand can serve her best, and why the presidency is a bad idea

    Just because someone is popular, doesn’t mean they should be President. In 2008, many attributed this notion to presidential candidate Barack Obama – arguing that he was unprepared for the Oval Office, and that Hillary Clinton was a more capable …

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    Why I’m Going to Advertising Week

    Marketing people love seminars. We love panel discussions; we love e-vites and we love grouping them together into week-long events. In fact, I could probably find a marketing event in New York City every day of the year. I attend my fair share of events – especially during Advertising Week.

    The internet allows new ideas …

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    Pros and Cons of Combining Your Social Identities

    Social media has all but reinvented the concept of personal branding. With the establishment of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and other social media platforms, the opportunities for development, expression and expansion of personal brands has grown to extend never seen before.

    Social media presence

    I’ve spoken to many brand-conscious professionals, many from the Gen X …

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    Personal Branding Lessons from New York Fashion Week

    Since moving to New York City in 2005, I’ve found that my favorite way to bring in my favorite season (fall) is with New York Fashion Week. The shows; the parties; the hair; the clothes — something about it just amazes me. I, like many other New Yorkers, put on a fashionable outfit (that I …

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    S.W.O.T. Your Brand

    In marketing, one of the first qualitative assessment mechanisms you learn is the S.W.O.T. analysis. I used to think that I would never need to do something so basic in my career, but recently began assessing brands through S.W.O.T. related analysis much more frequently. Anyone who cares about their personal brand should perform this type …

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    Facebook Places and Your Brand

    Now that Facebook has decided to one-up Foursquare and other location-based platforms I thought it might be useful to think about what Facebook Places means for a brand. By now any social media savvy person knows the do’s and don’ts of checking in (if not, see my previous article here). There are some game changes …

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    Does Your Phone Matter for Your Brand?

    According to a new survey, iPhone users are more sexually active than BlackBerry and Android phone users. Did you think about what phone you have? Me too. I don’t think this study is actually valid, but it got me thinking about what your phone says about you. Before the rise of smart phones I don’t …

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    5 Reasons Your Brand Should Live Outside of Your Company

    My topic last week of logos for personal brands opened up a discussion about how to establish your personal brand in relation to the company you work for. If you’re a business owner these two elements are much more intertwined than the average worker bee out there, but for the average worker here are some …

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