5 Email Campaigns to Run For Your Blog and Enhance Engagement

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People say, “Blogging is a non-monetizable activity.” Well, that’s because you do not use it to its maximum potential. If used correctly, it can bring you engagement, new visitors, as well as money. However, you need to drive traffic to your blog and enhance its readership if you want it to make money. This is where email marketing campaigns come in.

Many bloggers post articles considering all the SEO parameters but do not invest time in promoting them. SEO is important, but it is not the only thing. You must also market your content through different channels.

As email marketing is a permission-based channel and can be personalized according to the interests of your readers, it is the most effective way to promote your blog. Let’s see how.

Welcome your new subscribers with an introduction email

Always have a clearly noticeable sign-up form on your website. Once a subscriber joins your list, you must welcome them with an introduction email. Share your story of how you started blogging and let them know that they are an important part of your journey. Inform the readers about your personal interests and professional expertise as you introduce yourself. Set the right expectations by letting them know when you will send the emails

Send informative content to promote yourself as a thought leader

The subscribers are looking forward to learning something new from you. That’s primarily why they provided their email address. Do not let them down and send educational content that reflects your domain knowledge For example: If you blog about cryptocurrency, send content on why someone should invest in it. You can also share your experience with it. 

Promote the latest articles and content resources 

Repurpose your latest articles and send them to your subscribers in the form of newsletters. Bloggers can send out such newsletters every week to bring people to their website. It will also give a leg up to your SEO efforts. Send these emails on a fixed day of the week so that your subscribers look forward to it. This will surely help your email marketing campaign. 

Here’s an email example to inspire you. 


Launch a premium resource to your audience through emails

Now, let’s come to the moneymaking part. Assuming that you have a sizable list of engaged subscribers, you have a chance to make considerable income with emails. How? Well, you can invite the subscribers to buy a premium content resource like an ebook or whitepaper. As an example, if you are a blogger and Instagram influencer, you can launch an ebook like “How to build an Instagram audience like a pro.” Let the users know how they will benefit from the book. Include a snippet that would pique their curiosity and make them purchase it. 

Automate your email marketing campaigns

After you get a hang of email marketing and you are ready to scale up your strategy, you must automate the workflows. For instance: Send promotional emails every once in a while to get instant conversions. Use milestones like 10k subscribers or 1 year of launching the first email to endorse the discount offers. Automate the welcome email so that you can focus on business growth and write more detailed articles. Additionally, you must also send automated browse or cart abandonment emails in case people have visited your premium resource landing page but left without making the purchase. It will reinforce the visitor’s impulse to buy and contribute to your conversions.

Bonus tip:

Promote affiliate links in your emails to earn offsite revenue. Let me explain: Suppose you are using Hostinger to host your blog. You can send out an email promoting Hostinger and earn an affiliate commission whenever someone buys it through your link. Just make sure that you mention clearly in the email that it is an affiliate link. Failing to do so can land you in legal trouble.

Take a look at this email to get an idea about affiliate email marketing. 


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Wrapping Up

If you are a blogger and email marketing gets you paranoid, ConvertKit can make things easy for you. It is one of the most user-friendly tools for novice email marketers. So, in case you still have not started using emails to publicize your blog, now is the right time. Start doing it right away.