Suppose you want to gain some notoriety. History said, "Get an agency. You need to network, find fame, and get your name in the headlines."

Suppose you want to gain some notoriety. History said, “Get an agency. You need to network, find fame, and get your name in the headlines.”

Growing your influence to enhance your reputation in the past year has now been reversed.

It’s the name of the game. Everyone may use social media to gain attention and enhance influence online. This is especially true of YouTube.  A nice elevator pitch at a networking event isn’t it.

The issue is that (nearly) everyone is competing for attention. Growing your impact is a lot more difficult. Your brand must think strategically and appeal to your target demographic.

Our ten years of working with businesses have taught us about increasing awareness. In this post, we’ll look at these approaches to build your own brand and impact utilizing similar tactics.

1. Have a cause or goal.

This is the top tip for a reason. Anyone seeking global influence requires a passion, a cause, or a purpose. Strong personal branding and influencer marketing start with this.

It’s not enough to expect others to follow you just because you exist (at least in the beginning). Your brand must have depth.

People will follow you more if you are recognized for anything specific. If you’re unsure where to begin, consider:

  • your life’s passions;
  • admired people and what it is about them you admire; and
  • your desired outcomes.

Any of these will help you identify topics to discuss. Your hobbies might change, but you need a following to develop and enhance your reputation.

For example, Melissa Coyle of Melissa’s Healthy Kitchen developed an internet following around her love of healthy, cheap food. She now shares her recipes and everyday culinary adventures with her Instagram and website fans.

Even if you feel like you’re replicating someone else’s interests, you’re at least starting. Begin discussing your hobbies with others. You can assist others in learning or progressing a cause.

2. Use professional photos.

People relate to you based on images. Professional photos make your brand stand out.

Today’s smartphones have decent cameras. Even if you can get away with using your phone for stories and photographs, it’s important to consider upgrading. Investing in a DSLR camera is a terrific way to start enhancing your photographs. You may also use Adobe Lightroom or VSCO to conduct basic editing. Here are three picture tips:

  • Opt for natural diffused light.
  • Use the appropriate angles – raise the camera.
  • Preset filters are hard to nuance; use sparingly.

Photography is an art and a science. You must invest both money and effort to enhance your talents and images. Initially, you may need to hire a photographer, and then you may gradually do it yourself.

3. Design and enhance a name brand identity.

The world’s finest brands are very selective about what they release. A brand book specifies the colors, typefaces, and logos to be used when publishing.

Some businesses, such as Mailchimp, even have a style of writing that is consistent with their brand. You may always engage a graphic designer to assist you in choosing the proper colors and fonts for your brand. They can design a logo, color palette, and even artwork for your company. You may change the colors and feel of your posts, but it helps to have guidelines.

4. Record and share.

Everyday encounters have a huge role in building a personal brand.

You may share them and gain followers on social media. However, not everything in your life has to be revealed. But there will be highlights. You may save items to your content calendar to post later. Even if you don’t use them right away, recording your ideas and experiences is a good idea. You can always erase movies or notes later, but it’s important to document them now.

5. Write and speak on camera.

We all study writing and speaking in school, but we don’t worry about developing them after graduation. Writing blog articles and speaking well on video are two crucial skills to build and enhance your online impact. You can outsource these two chores, but learning to perform them yourself offers certain advantages.

Writing helps you clarify your thoughts. Also, published content on your blog is more likely to appear in Google searches.

Being a proficient speaker on video helps you gain influence. You can conduct daily vlogs or share something you’ve learned to practice. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Everyone has a favorite social networking platform, but sticking to one is a mistake. Why? Because social media is ever-evolving.

No matter how many fans you have, you do not own a social media account. So if the site changes, deletes your account, or loses popularity, you lose. The solution is to study the subtleties of each social networking platform. Additionally, using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other network requires a distinct brand identity. Find out who the target audience is for each and how your content may work to enhance each.

You may not like or understand a platform, but you can gain a feel for it by posting a few times. Observe how the impact of your social media post varies by platform. Personal branding involves matching your style to the correct platform. Many of your followers from one platform will undoubtedly shift to another.

In conclusion, even if you’ve had success with one social networking app, start exploring different ones to broaden your expertise and reach.