What’s an Independent Courier Contractor…and Why Should I Consider It?

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If you’re thinking of working as a courier, you can either work as an employee for a company or become an independent courier contractor.

If you’re thinking of working as a courier, you can either work as an employee for a company or become an independent courier contractor.

Let’s explore exactly what a courier contractor is and look at the reasons why you should consider becoming one.

What is an independent courier contractor?

Unlike a courier who works for a company like FedEx or UPS, independent courier contractors aren’t supplied with company vehicles. Instead, they provide their own.

They also have to cover the costs for things like vehicle insurance, fuel, and route planning apps. Independent contractors still work on behalf of companies. The only requirement is having access to some form of transportation.

You can work as a courier if you have a van, a car, a motorcycle, or even a bicycle. Though, of course, the type of vehicle you have will determine the types of deliveries you make. You wouldn’t be able to transport a microwave by bicycle, for instance.

Independent courier contractors can deliver a wide variety of items. These range from standard parcels and takeaway food to industry-specific items like medical products and important legal files.

As an independent contractor, delivery companies will usually pay you by the hour or per mile. Sometimes, companies pay courier contractors by the day.

To find work, you can either partner with established courier companies or find customers like local law firms and florists.

As for your daily duties, the main ones are driving and picking up, and dropping off packages, but you also need to know how to use route planning software and how to provide excellent customer service.

If the job sounds like it’s ideal for you, check out this insightful article to find out more about how to become an independent courier.

Why You Should Become an Independent Courier Contractor

If you don’t like driving or cycling, then you should think of another career.

On the other hand, you might enjoy being on the road and exploring new places each day. If so, an independent courier contractor job could be the perfect fit.

However, there’s more to being a courier than simply driving. Physical fitness is a non-negotiable requirement. You must be able to pick up and drop off packages. You’ll also need to have good customer service and communication skills.

You’ll need to know how to use GPS too, although you can make things easier by getting a route planner app. If you’re happy with all of that, you’re sure to enjoy being an independent courier.

Furthermore, as an independent contractor, you get to choose when you work and how much you want to work. Having that kind of flexibility can help to create a better work/life balance. Flexible work options are also ideal if you have family commitments or other commitments.

Many people do not like being stuck behind a desk all day. A courier job might suit these individuals. Every day will be different. You’ll drive different routes, meet different people, and encounter different weather conditions and challenges.

Lastly, you will spend most of your working hours as an independent courier contractor driving. As a result, you can spend most of your day listening to music or podcasts. You could even learn a foreign language with an online audio program. You wouldn’t be able to do that at the office.

In Summary

Even if you work on behalf of other courier companies, as an independent courier contractor, you get to be your own boss. Your own vehicle is all you need to get started. You can then start looking for clients or partner with established courier companies.

If you enjoy driving and have the other skills required to become a courier, the independent delivery business could be the career route you’ve been looking for.