Extroverts: 4 Branding Takeaways From Introverts

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Although introverts may appear soft-spoken, they actually have some big ideas when it comes to branding. Their branding techniques speak loudly and extroverts need to listen up. Whether it’s an introvert’s quiet thinking or their great amounts of creativity, here are some branding strengths of introverts that extroverts should pay attention to.

Introverts are passionate experts

When building a personal brand, it’s important to highlight your passions and unique skills that will set you apart from other professionals. Introverts happen to be people who become experts in different hobbies and skills that they love. Whether it’s having a strong interest in photography or graphic design, introverts discover creative ways to integrate their passions into their brand. Being an expert in something outside of your career is important for extroverts because it helps their personal brand stand out.

Introverts are self-reflective

Introverts like to spend time in contemplation. This allows them to have a good understanding of the type of person they are. As introverts spend time alone, they are often thinking deeply and creating new ideas. This solitude allows introverts to unleash their creativity, discover new goals, and find different ways to illustrate their personal brand.

Extroverts must take advantage of this idea of self-reflection. Spending time meditating upon career goals and looking within oneself can help extroverts put more energy into their personal brand. Once an extrovert builds a strong relationship with their self, they will have a better understanding of how they want to market their personality.

Introverts provide examples of their success

Instead of telling everyone how many accomplishments they have, introverts show their success through their portfolios, personal websites, and resume. Being able to provide examples of your accomplishments is the best way to strengthen your brand. Extroverts have the tendency to tell everyone about their accomplishments. Sometimes, this can come off as “bragging.” If extroverts can show their talents through recommendations, samples of work, and leadership positions, then they will be able to show how successful they are without having to say a word at all.

Introverts communicate their brand well online

Introverts are very observant of trends. Due to this strength, they are typically the first to discover the latest tool in branding or social media. Because of this, introverts are able to share their brand through different platforms and make their brand known online. Introverts should spend time researching the latest trends in personal branding in order to find the best platform that works for them. Whether it’s creating a WordPress blog or sharing their brand through Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s important for extroverts to find an online platform where they can display their personal brand online in a consistent way.