The Best Sites to Find Freelance Marketing Work  

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Freelancing is a very popular sector in the modern era where millions of people earn their livelihood or conduct part-time jobs by selling different services like Web Development, Content Writing, Graphics Designing, Digital marketing, etc. Digital marketing is a crucial and demandable job among people. That’s because, with the advent of technology, most companies with their products and services want to develop themselves in the digital sector, and for that particular reason, digital marketing is very crucial. For conducting thorough digital marketing, hiring a digital marketer is incredibly beneficial, especially if you want to boost brand awareness, create leads, and enhance revenue.

Nowadays, there are many freelancing platforms for freelancers to get their desired and skilled jobs. This article will talk about some of the most famous freelance platforms where freelancers can find jobs related to freelance marketing regarding different products and services, and employers can find suitable freelancers for their work.

Best Sites to Find Freelance Marketing Jobs


First on the list is Mayple which is a marketing-based freelancing platform. The platform provides a vast list of 600+ freelance marketing expert freelancers to potential employers. Maple evaluates all the registered freelancers through their skill sets and achievements using the data-driven rating system. 

Moreover, the authority provides a detailed questionnaire to the organizations needing marketing experts and tries to connect suitable candidates to the organizations. They help to connect candidates with organizations as per suitability based on more than 25 relevant factors.  


At present, undoubtedly, Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing platforms. You can find numerous freelance marketing specialists with top-notch skills and recommendations and utilize them for different works. Upwork has established a strong trustworthy name in the freelancing sector for various reasons like ensuring proper payment and a surplus of work provided you have the skills. 

The authority helps to ensure good communication between employers and employees. Moreover, the employees get the chance to bid on different projects with their desired payments, whereas the employers can also search for suitable candidates by vetting the portfolio and profile of the freelancers.

Finally, there are always reasons behind the trustworthiness of any business media, The media must be safe and secure, always ensuring proof of quality and always making sure of proper communication. Upwork achieves all of the above-mentioned advantages. 


Another popular platform, Freelancer is utilized by millions of freelancers all around the world. There are many popular freelancers here with different skill sets including freelance marketing. The authority has provided all the necessary elements on the website for finding the most suited person. One special option is that you can host contests where you see different freelancers pitching their best ideas for getting the job or project. 

There is a safe system named “Milestone Payments System” to ensure the security of all payments. Additionally, there are many freelancers and many available jobs too. Finally, the client pays only after being 100% satisfied with the final results.


Undoubtedly, Fiverr places in the top three positions of the most popular and severely used freelancing platform. Like other popular platforms, Fiverr also ensures the safety of payments. Fiverr’s support team is there to help you. Moreover, you have the option to select a suitable freelancer for your marketing campaign under project-based pricing. Also, getting a freelancer doesn’t take much time on all those popular platforms as there are numerous options to select from. 

Fiverr has included a very special Gig package for their services by freelancers. The freelancers have the option to create three distinct service packages where they outline the specific details of their works and payments. So, due to the execution of the package system, there is little need for bidding for projects on the Fiverr website.

People Per Hour

Getting into People Per Hour may be very difficult as all membership applications are severely vetted by the authority. But with good skills, you can join the platform. Unfortunately, this app has not yet created a mobile or desktop-compatible app version, which would have helped the freelancers to a significant extent. 

One of the special things about this platform is that as a freelancer, you can bid for existing projects and also provide offers to potential employers. Moreover, the website comes with a unique “Project Stream” feature where freelancers share their achievements, and shows invoices from previous clients. Also, there is the auto-invoice option, which becomes active when freelancers continue working with a particular client.


It is another popular platform for freelancers seeking jobs and job recruiters seeking freelancers. Guru provides key tips for newly registered freelancers for better work efficiency. Moreover, the authority behind Guru has prepared a new system called” WorkRooms”. In “WorkRooms”, you can easily work with your selected freelancers and keep track of your progress comfortably. 

Additionally, you can also employ more than one freelancer and then assign them different tasks. By employing multiple people, you can effectively create a work team. Finally, there is one very special option for employers and freelancers. The option is that there is flexibility in terms of editing the agreement, provided both parties are in mutual agreement. Guru employs SafePay for the safe handling of payments. 


The mentioned six are the most popular sites for finding freelance marketing related jobs. But there are many other emerging platforms as well, like SEOclerks, Contently, ServiceScape, etc. With time, those platforms will also gain a large marketplace. Fortunately, all those sites provide you with numerous freelance marketing jobs. So, with so many income sources, you will have easy accessibility to continuous projects and earn a good livelihood.