Overcoming Email Fatigue: 7 Tips That Work Like Magic

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Thousands of emails land in the subscribers’ inboxes each day. It can get exhausting for the readers and lead to email fatigue. Ultimately, it will disengage the subscribers which will affect your overall email campaign performance.

Defining Email Fatigue

An overwhelmed state of the subscriber’s mind that gets them disengaged with your emails is known as email fatigue. Continuing to send emails to such subscribers will irritate the subscribers. Consequently, it will lower email engagement and increase the number of unsubscribes. In the worst case, it can lead to spam complaints.

What Causes Email Fatigue?

There are two reasons leading to email fatigue:

a. High email cadence

Sending too many emails is bound to annoy the subscribers. More often than not, your subscribers will unsubscribe if they receive frequent email communications.

b. Non-personalized and irrelevant email content

Irrelevant content is another reason that causes email fatigue. If your emails fail to deliver value, it will compel the users to leave your emails unread, delete them, mark them as spam, or unsubscribe.

So, how will you overcome the issue of email fatigue and keep the readers engaged?

Here are some actionable tips to bear in mind:

1. Maintain your email list hygiene

A clean email list solves half of the email marketing problems. Keep pruning the subscriber list at regular intervals so that there are no deliverability issues. Employ a sunsetting program and re-engage the inactive subscribers with a series of two to three customized email template designs. If they still remain dormant, remove them from the list. After all, having a quality list with fewer subscribers is better than having a large list with plenty of disengaged users.

2. Segment your subscribers into smaller lists

According to your industry and business type, you must segment your email list. Consider parameters like demographics, geographical location, interests, preferences, past purchases, previous downloads, and the kind of products searched for. It will help you send tailor-made emails that resonate the most with the subscribers.

3. Send personalized emails as far as possible

Personalized emails crafted according to the user’s past interactions work better than mass emails. Addressing the subscriber by the first name in the email is great but you have to create a hyper-personalized experience if you want to stand out in the chaos of the inbox.

4. Add a human touch to your automated emails

Mostly, automated emails give a feeling of bot-driven communications that leave no impact. These triggered emails should have a personal touch that makes the customers feel that there is a human at the other end.

5. Keep tabs on the number of emails sent

If you have set automation workflows and are sending out promotional emails, make sure that your subscribers don’t receive too many email communications. Build a foolproof email cadence strategy so that the users receive the right email at the right time. Test different timings to determine what works best for your brand.

6. Let the users adjust their email preferences

Allowing the users to set their email preferences takes the guesswork out of your marketing strategy. You can send out emails according to the options selected by the subscribers. It is likely to enhance your email performance and make the subscribers look forward to your emails.

7. Incentivize the users with relevant offers

Send promotional offers that are relevant to the users and entice them to take action. Every brand is sending discount coupon codes in emails. So, do something that helps cut through the inbox noise and increase the conversion rate. Incorporate interactivity in emails and put on your thinking caps to stay ahead in the competitive bottleneck.

Wrapping Up

Just like you have to visit a doctor for persistent body fatigue and exhaustion, email fatigue also needs to be addressed seriously. With these tips, you will surely get a direction into how to build effective email strategies that work and keep the subscribers hooked.