Guest Interview: Marnie Niver and Her Videography

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I recently interviewed Marnie Niver, who is a freelance videographer, specializing in shooting concerts, corporate video’s, commercials and television shows. As custom with all my interviews, I investigated her Personal Brand by a series of questions. If your interested in more information or would like Marnie to film your next big event, you can find her Personal Brand at


Me: How do you express yourself through your videography?

Marnie: I express myself through videography by being creative. Anyone can look through a camera and hit the record button but for me, it’s all about framing, composition, lighting and mood. I like my shots to look like art.

Me: Who is the most interesting individual you have met through your career? What positive or negative impact did they have on you?

Marnie: I can’t point my finger on one particular person, it’s more like interesting people I’ve met through my career. I learn a lot through other TV shooters. When I watch TV, I can’t watch it like most people, I’m constantly looking at the framing, lighting and editing. I’m always trying learn new things.

Me: Out of all the events that you film, do you prefer sporting events, corporate events, concerts or television? Why?

Marnie: Out of all the events that I shoot, aside from live TV, my favorite is concerts. Concerts are the best way for me to showcase my creativity. They are also a lot of fun and I get to see a free concert!

Me: How did you get into the business and what major milestones have you hit?

Marnie: I started out in College. I went to Kent State University. I studied radio and television. My last year of college, I did an internship at a PBS station in NY and fell in love with TV. I worked at several major television stations until I went out on my own in 1997. The major milestone that I hit was reaching 20 years in the business.

Me: What elements of your job are exciting? What are some that are not so pleasing?

Marnie: I’m so lucky. I love my work. I get to travel, meet new people and interact with celebrities. I also get to make my own hours and set my own pay rate. Some of the negative side is that my income is not stable. I constantly have to search for work and there’s a lot of competition.

Me: If you were to describe your Personal Brand using 3 adjectives, what would they be?

Marnie: Excited, Driven and Empathetic