How a Blog Can Connect You with Your Brand Audience

Personal Branding

Your personal brand’s website is a calling card for your business — your blog is the portal through which your customers can connect with you. With so much information being published each day it is more important than ever to have an effective content strategy. There are some key benefits to writing remarkable content in order to expand your audience.

Standing out from the competition with personalization

It is not enough to just publish a blog post — each article should be tailored to your target market and their needs and desires. In fact most visitors who arrive at your website are new readers, and you want to encourage them to want to know more.

Not only can your brand use a blog to better connect with your community, but to also announce new products or services, events, and provide useful information that can actually be converted into a video series, infographic, or eBook later on.

In addition to being a powerful branding tool there are several other benefits of maintaining a regular content strategy:

  • Drives more traffic to your website – Blog posts are still a large part of Internet consumption when tailored directly to the pressing issues of your audience. Your content has the potential of being viewed by thousands of visitors each day who can share your articles and visual media to their social networks. Think of this as the gift that keeps on giving!
  • Generates higher conversions – Once you have successfully captured the interest of your readers and have attracted them as subscribers the earning potential begins. With a powerful call to action that compels them to make a decision you can continue to nurture them online and through email in order to move them into becoming a ready buyer.
  • Establishes authority – After your brand has written a good number of original and fresh content you have the opportunity to interact with influencers and other bloggers who will eventually recommend your business as a go-to source. This is done through careful relationship building instead of a sales approach — once you share and leave feedback on their content they will be more likely to return the favor.
  • Builds a higher page rank on search – Your blog posts work together with social media to help your brand appear higher in search. Today it’s not just about what search terms are being used, but rather the reactions and conversations coming out of your articles.

A blog for your brand can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies that should not be missed, as long as you are delivering the image and message of your business that sets you apart from the competition. The same rules apply to both large brands and smaller enterprises — content will continue to be a main driver to attract a loyal following and higher sales.