How Amazon Giveaways Can Grow Your Personal Brand

Personal Branding

Amazon is the premier place for publishing books and now promoting brand products. Your personal brand can greatly benefit from their giveaway program with your own contests. It takes the right strategy and research to make this successful for your business.

Are you struggling with not enough sales? There are literally millions of products to choose from on Amazon that you can use to promote your brand. By focusing on the right target market and staying focused you can attract a larger audience.

Giveaways are just one tool that and can also be a sales generator for your personal brand. With a great website that captures leads your audience can become more familiar with what you have to offer them as you provide valuable incentives.

How to make the most out of Amazon for your next brand contest

There are several ways you can use giveaways to attract more customers to your business.

  • Limited time offer – Create a sense of urgency by using a campaign on a first come, first serve basis. The offer ends once all of the prizes are claimed. The limited amount of products can turn this type of contest into a fun experience for your community as they jump in on the action early.
  • Spread the giveaway out over time – This type of approach can maximize the number of entrants — much like a lottery or scratch off contest. By using this method your brand can increase your website subscribers as the person signing up has to be at the right place at the right time.
  • Save money on advertising – The Amazon Giveaway program is free to use for verified account holders. Your business is only responsible for the cost of the products being offered plus any shipping and taxes. Amazon handles all of the communication and transactions for you.
  • Host a giveaway on a guest blog – If you are writing for another influencer blog then your brand can include any contests right inside your post. The embed code is simple to include and can help bring more attention to your home website.

Amazon is a great resource to tap into when it comes to building your personal brand. In order to make your giveaways the most effective it is good to know ahead of time of who exactly you would like to target and how many products will be available. Include spreading the word on social media and your website in order to gain the most traction.