How Content Marketing Can Help Your Brand Visibility

Personal Branding

When building a personal brand it can be a challenge in gaining greater visibility online. One way to overcome this is through fresh and remarkable content. This not only opens the door to new subscribers, but it also builds credibility online. Blogging is still important to your marketing strategy, and the power of creating content your audience and search engines will love has not changed.

Your brand’s articles should begin with a targeted message that reflects the needs and desires of your audience. How you respond to these is important for building relationships. Professional content depends on offering something that is helpful and original, including great images and videos in the mix.

In what ways can your brand attract new readers with content? Ideas can include helpful tips, tools, how-to information, ect.

Blogging for your personal brand is a process cultivated over time, and consists of a combination of quality articles that you can offer to people as a trusted source. Cross promotion on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn will also help draw more attention.

Build an attractive content marketing strategy

There are several steps you can take when publishing ‘sticky’ content for your personal brand.

  • Stay focused on your mission statement – Write according to your particular niche and brand values. Anything outside of this could cause your message to fall flat, and not be taken seriously. There are those special times when an important event or holiday is taking place, but overall your content needs to relate directly to the audience you serve.
  • Generate topic ideas – Discover what’s already been written about in your market, and then create your brand’s own original spin. This could even include a product or service that is unique to your brand that the competition doesn’t offer. This can also help you generate new ideas for more content later on.
  • Create a mix of content – Go beyond just text, and add interactive images and videos. Readers are especially drawn to infographics, which can easily be curated from previously content on your blog.
  • Work with guest bloggers – Your brand does not have to come up with all of your winning ideas alone. Consider working with another blogger or hire a freelance to help you create targeted articles related to your industry.

Taking the time to build your personal brand’s content marketing strategy will not only create a more trusted, and reputable persona, but also open the door for new opportunities, with greater visibility that eventually will lead your company to better conversions.