How Live Streaming on Twitter Can Create More Buzz for Your Brand

Personal Branding

shutterstock_289837454Today it’s all about great visual content and videos online, and live streaming is just one way an audience can better get to know a brand. In order to attract new followers for your business it is important to branch out and try new mediums.

How can your personal brand create more visibility online? Through live interviews and discussions that will attract a brand new audience on Twitter. There are a few options available like Meerkat, Periscope, and Blab, which all provide free broadcasting for brands and individuals.

Social media marketing is all about making a connection with others, and presenting a message that is on their level. There are several ways to attract followers to your personal brand with a live streaming event on Twitter.

Steps to a Successful Live Stream Broadcast

Hosting a show that allows users to provide immediate feedback is just one benefit of live streaming for brands. Use these steps today to create a great broadcast:

• Connect with other relevant users – Once your brand sets up an account with a live streaming service it’s important to check out which of your followers are also active there, and to start tracking their activity as well. Most services pull your biography information right from your Twitter profile, but you should double check that everything is professional and completed with all of the vital links such as your website.

• Jump right in – Even if you’re not ready to host a broadcast just yet start participating in other live events in order to attract new followers to your account. This is also a good way to learn how it’s done and to see the difference between amateur broadcasts versus professional ones.

• Cross promote – Once your brand is ready to host a live stream event you should announce this on your other social networks, and broadcast to iTunes as well as YouTube for more exposure. Do this at least a couple of days ahead of time to build anticipation for your broadcast.

Live streaming on Twitter for your personal brand is a great way to connect more with your audience and respond right away to feedback. Entice your followers with helpful information or bring them into an offline event that you are involved with. The more frequent you host these broadcasts the more visibility your brand will generate.