How Mobile Marketing Can Attract a Larger Brand Audience

Personal Branding

When building a personal brand it’s not only important to create compelling content, but to also make this attractive to a audience. More than ever people are using their smart devices to get their news, research brands, and make purchases.

Your personal brand can tap into a much larger audience by having a responsive website and utilizing new technology such as live video. This will take some upgrades or updates on your part, but is worth the investment as you begin to attract more sales.

How can you effectively create content to build a strong mobile marketing strategy? One way is to write your articles in a way that can be seen quickly and easily. Another is to include eye-catching videos and professional images on social media and your blog.

Being aware of what your market is looking for will help your personal brand establish itself as an authority in a mobile-driven market.

Why you need to create a smart mobile marketing plan

Here are several reasons to start reaching a larger audience for your personal brand on mobile:

  • Changes in SEO – Google has recently adapted its algorithm in accordance to user behavior. This means that quality content is more important than stuffing your blog posts with keywords in order to get seen. As more spam website are being weeded out your brand can stand out as a trusted authority.
  • Reach more targeted buyers – Social media has evolved to become more focused on advertising in addition to organic methods. As more people use their smart phones and tables to access their networks your brand can benefit by setting up targeted ads that can be run on multiple platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Video is now king – In just the last two years video has grown to become a dominant force when it comes to getting more eyes on your business. Live video is especially attractive, and allows for brands to instantly connect with their audience and reveal the personal side of their company.

As mobile continues to grow it will become necessary for just about any brand to become involved with a solid marketing plan. Content that is optimized well for smart phones and tablets will help your website rank higher as well as attract more leads, and sales.