How to Choose the Right Job Candidate

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This week, I wanted to help entrepreneurs, recruiters and hiring managers by discussing some tips for choosing the right candidate for the job. Hiring the right candidate is very important because the right person can save you time and money by working efficiently. In comparison, a bad hire can cost you time and money as well as create discomfort among other employees.

Below, find some tips for choosing the right candidate to hire:

Define the Job Right: The first step in the hiring process is posting the job description. If you want to hire the best candidate as an employer, you should pay extra attention to the job description. The description should reflect the daily responsibilities along with the skills needed to complete those responsibilities as precise as possible.  Therefore, as an employer, you should make a careful analysis and collect the right information about the duties and tasks of the job. Also, the wording of the job ad should be clear and concise.

Prescreen the Candidates and Ask the Right Questions: Save time by prescreening your candidates. You will see that while a candidate looks ideal on paper, in reality he/she may not be appropriate for the job. They either may have unrealistic salary expectations or their personality may not be a good fit for the company culture. You can easily discover these by making a phone interview with them and asking the right questions. Asking the right questions will help you separate the desired candidates from the average ones.

Be Flexible: It is better to be flexible as an employer and remember that people want to grow and that is why they change jobs. If they already have all the skills for that position and don’t need to learn anything new, then, they may not want to work in that position because they cannot move ahead in their careers. If a candidate has 75% of the skills and is willing to learn more, this candidate can be a great fit for the job.

Make a Group Decision: It is always better to have more than one interviewer in order to make the best decision about a candidate. You can also divide the interview into different types such as behavioral interview, technical interview, etc. and have different people conduct these interviews. Afterwards, you can discuss the results together and get consensus as a group. At the end, you will see that the group decision about the candidate will be much healthier rather than the decision that you make on your own.