How to Create a Community Around Your Personal Brand

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When we analyze all businesses these days – the ones created around a personality seem to be more successful. Mainly because people know there is a person behind that brand and can easily relate to it. However, in the longer run – one needs to create a community around that brand to ensure the success and longevity of the business. But, how does one do that? Read on to find out more about how to create a community around your personal brand.

Build an Online Community

The world of the internet is creating waves on the planet. You see people initiating conversations regarding different subject matters. This is why it is important to build an online community around your personal brand. It is because people will feel more “involved” in the process. And when people feel involved they can relate to the message behind the brand – which creates a sense of community.

To build an online community – you need to strategize your online presence. For example, create a personal account to interact with your audience on every social media website and get people to engage with the content. Take the example of Gary Vaynerchuk – he is an entrepreneur but he is more popular on the internet than Warren Buffet because he interacts with his audience and makes them feel involved.

Work on Your Brand Story

Let’s talk with facts on this one – according to research by Headstream, people are more likely to lean towards brands that have a brand story. So, it’s important to have one. When you talk about the message behind the brand and the “person” behind the brand – people will buy into it. For example, if you have a skincare brand – the brand story can revolve around why it is important to take care of one’s self (or self-love). If you will put out your brand in the world without a story – it will get lost in the crowd but the one that has a solid story – will shine in the crowd.

Build Your Brand Around People

Customers in this day and age have become conscious of their spending. This is why it’s important to have “faces” that represent the brand. And when a brand talks about its employees openly and shows how they work day and night to build that brand – people are drawn to it which creates a community around the business.

Ambassador Program

According to a survey, 86% of people trust brands that have ambassadors – or people that represent the brand. So, to create a community around your personal brand – you can have an ambassador program where normal people can come up and represent you in different communities.

So, when someone from a university will vouch for your brand – people around that person will have more trust in you.

Create a blog

Most businesses do not pay attention to creating a blog. However, research shows that 53% of brands leave the business because of the information unavailable on the internet. On top of this, creating a blog will give your customers a sense of community. When you put out a blog – customers will be able to comment and interact with other consumers. This engagement will create a community around the brand.

On top of this, when people will share these blogs – it will start conversations which is crucial in community building. Even if you take a look yourself – brands that have such avenues, create a community around them.

Talk About Social Causes

Now, let’s make it clear. Do not talk about social causes just for the sake of it. It will show and the customers will know. But rather, engage in issues so that people can have a sense of relatability. For example, when you talk about social issues – it will make your communication with the consumers more effective. For example, if you have a brand that revolves around menstrual hygiene – you can make your personal brand around the product line.

But when you want to create a community around the brand – try to talk about the issues within the society that are related to the brand. So, for a sanitary pad company – you can create awareness about the taboo around menstruation in the world. It will automatically create a community around your personal brand.  

Creating a community around your personal brand is crucial for success. And on top of that – you owe it to the consumers to make them feel involved with the brand. Therefore, try to work on this while you build your personal brand. For example, start by creating an online presence so people can form clusters around the brand and ignite conversations among people. When these conversations start, there will be an automatic sense of community that the consumers will feel.