Six Tips for Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile

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In this day and age – networking is extremely important to grab opportunities. And LinkedIn is an amazing platform that allows people to interact with professionals that are related to their line of work. However, just being on that platform will not do the job. You need to create a professional LinkedIn profile to be able to grab attention.

Here are six tips for creating a professional LinkedIn profile.

Choose a Good Profile Picture

Yes, you might think about what difference a profile picture can make in your LinkedIn profile. However, when you have a professional photograph as your profile picture, it gives off the vibe that you put effort into things.

And that profile picture will be reflective of your hard-working behavior. On top of that, people are most likely to engage with people who have a professional profile picture rather than a random picture. Now, if you want people to hire you, you cannot have your dog’s picture on your LinkedIn profile. You need to have a proper headshot that can be your representative.

Create a Good LinkedIn Summary

Apart from your profile picture, your LinkedIn summary will represent you in front of people who click on your profile. Now, do not fall prey to summaries that are filled with buzzwords. People who will read such a summary will not feel a connection with your profile. On the other hand, you can create a LinkedIn summary by writing a story about yourself and explaining your skill set.

When recruiters will read your summary, they will be able to connect with your profile. So, you will have a greater chance of getting a job when your recruiter likes your summary.

Get Involved with the Skills Assessment

Unless you’re living under a rock, you will know that LinkedIn has a section where you can take tests for your skill set assessment. It is important when you are building a professional LinkedIn profile. Mainly because people will have more trust in your skills when they will take a look at these assessments.

For example, you can say that you are good with Microsoft Excel and that will be one thing. But, when you will take a test it will be an attestation of your skill which will be approved by the website itself.

Create Content

You can create a perfect professional LinkedIn profile but if you will not engage with it, it will be of no use. Therefore, to be able to show your presence on the platform, it is important that you create content.

Now, you do not have to make YouTube videos, etc. But, every once in a while, create a post where you talk about your thoughts. And when people will read them, they will get an opportunity to learn something from you. It’s a great way to expand your profile.

For reference, you can take a look yourself by clicking on various profiles on LinkedIn. The profiles that have some form of content on them look way more professional than those that do not.

Engage with People

To make a professional LinkedIn profile, it is important that you engage with people. It is because people and potential recruiters will have a better idea of your personality and your mindset when you engage with them. On top of this, when you will interact with people and give them advice – it will build a sense of community around your profile which is crucial these days.

For example, there are tons of millionaires in the world, and the ones that are expanding more are out there engaging with their audience.

Have a Public Profile

Having a public profile is a pivotal step when you’re building a professional LinkedIn profile. It is because when you have a public forum, people can reach out to you more easily. And maintaining a private LinkedIn account will be more hassle for you. Therefore, make sure that you turn your profile public if you are comfortable with that so you can expand your network.

A professional LinkedIn profile is paramount for success in today’s day and age. It is because so many people get hold of exceptional opportunities through this platform. It is a way for you to engage with people from across the world and expand your skill set by communicating with relevant people.

However, you need to make sure that your profile is a true reflection of your skillset. In order to do that, you can start by uploading a professional profile picture that reflects who you are. On top of that, you can try posting long-form content that people can share and engage with. And, it is important to realize that this process is a journey, not a destination. Therefore, you will have to work on it day in and day out to get it right.