There’s no doubt that you have a lot of branding opportunity on the Internet today. With every newly released social networking or blogging site comes another way to brand yourself to this new audience.

Just like a company’s brand needs to be consistent, so does your personal brand. A problem some people may have is that they sign up for a new profile and don’t keep their profile congruent with the others they already have. Not only is this confusing for an outsider, but it can hurt your personal brand.

Here are a few ways to maintain consistency:

Link your profiles together

There are a lot of ways you can do this, especially with Twitter and Facebook. Also, if you maintain a blog, you can set up your RSS feed to automatically tweet out or update your page with new posts.

Have one presence

Some people believe in keeping your professional and personal profiles separate; I am not one of them. Instead, maintain one account and strike a good balance between the two parts of yourself. Some sites won’t even allow you to create more than one profile, so keeping it simple is key to your brand.

Keep your posts/updates/tweets consistent

You’ve established yourself by what your passions, interests, expertise, and experience is related to. Although your personal brand can certainly grow and add to these aspects, you still want to stay consistent with what you share. So, if you’ve maintained a fairly professional brand, keep it that way.