How to Put Together a Brand Strategy Framework

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You can realize more about the importance of a very well-defined brand strategy by analyzing the branding strategies from previous years. It is true that without a sturdy brand strategy framework, it will not be possible to help your business survive the harsh competition in the community. For spreading the name and influence of your brand and company, you need a strong brand strategy framework. 

By creating a strong brand strategy, it is possible to create a sensational presence for your brand. Now, to do that, you need to learn how to put together a brand strategy framework. This article will divulge into the world of brand strategies and inspire you to make a strong framework for your brand.

Steps to Put Together a Brand Strategy Framework

Step 1: Finding the Core of Your Brand

The core of your brand depends on four distinct parameters: Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values. Think carefully about each of those elements and find out about your brand’s parameters. Purpose indicates the reason for existing, Vision indicates thoughts about the future, Mission indicates goals and objectives regarding the brand and values indicate the core principles. 

So, before you work towards putting together a brand strategy, you need to first understand your brand and find out about the core parameters. Without those crucial parameters, you won’t be able to create the ultimate brand strategy framework.

Step 2: Communicate the Core Message from Your Brand

Every brand needs to express its core values, its defined personality, and its tone of voice. After finding out about the four core parameters of your brand, now you need to work to find out about Brand Essence and Brand Marketing. Brand essence teaches you about how to express your brand, simultaneously; brand marketing teaches you how to properly market your brands. 

Before developing the visual elements of your brand, for example, the logo, colors, and mascot, you need to fully capture the essence of your brand and at the same time, figure out how you want to go about communicating the essence of your brand. Keep in mind that the brand essence and marketing tactics need to be aligned closely with the core brand values.

The Small Steps within Step 2

In the early step, you need to figure out the brand name. Moreover, for creating the brand essence, there are three important factors to weigh in. Factors are Personality, Voice, and Tone.

(i) personality: Figure out your personality and your expectations for your brand’s personality. After finding that out, you need to infuse it into different aspects of the brand, because you need to communicate the brand’s essence can be properly.

(ii) Voice: Try to find a complementary voice to your brand’s personality. Every brand has its unique voice to share with the world. Figure out how you want to communicate with the customers. Finding this out will help you find your true voice.

(iii) Tone: The tone is complementary to your brand’s personality and voice, which in turn is connected to the desired attitude you want to disclose. The tone might be sarcastic, friendly, or respectful. So, the tone is necessary for several reasons, because your brand will be noticed by different groups of people.  

The next step is the Creation of the Brand Message. The message should be clear which will provide clear-cut explanations about your brand. Moreover, the message should also include why your brand is helpful for them and better than many other similar essence brands. For better clarification, the message should be like your brand’s promise to the customers. 

After that, you need to have a proper tagline. The tagline will surely help your brand to have strong exposure. But the tagline should be succinct and relatable to people. But it is not easy to come up with the perfect tagline on the spot. It takes a long time and many tries to find the perfect one. The tagline should be related to the message pillars of your brand. Talk about the pillars via your tagline and through your brand.

Step 3: Update the Visual Representation of Your Brand

Visual Representation is perhaps the most important tool for appealing to people. You need to build up a good logo, tagline, website content, and more, and also make it visually attractive.

Provide sufficient time for each element of the visual sector which includes the color, typography, logo, mascot, and photography. There are several popular free sites for choosing and using photographs. Pexels and Unsplash are two such platforms.

Step 4: Establishing the Brand Guidelines

Now, the effects of the first three steps will be visible. With the help of the first steps, you can now move forward in creating the brand guidelines. Brand guidelines include Verbal guidelines which are related to messaging pillars, brand essence, tone, voice, and tagline. Visual guidelines indicate the logo, color, typography, and photography.

Step 5: Final Step: Bringing the Brand Strategy to Life

After all the hard work, you now have all the necessary tools for effectively implementing the brand strategy framework. Maintain the best practices and keep creating and sharing relevant content with the people. Ensure maximization of your content reach.


By following the five-step program as dictated in the article, you can ensure the buildup of a strong brand strategy framework. With the help of that framework, you can ensure strong branding tactics and strategies for your brand.