Office Gift Rules

shutterstock_159930968Holidays are the greatest time of the year. However, they are also productivity killers since you have to juggle with work, parties, shopping, travel plans, finances, taxes and many more. With so many things on your plate, there is a good chance that you will lose focus in the office. Below are some productivity tips that will help you keep working during the holiday season.

  • Take a Few Days Off: If you have any vacation days left, take this time off. Use it for spending time with your loved ones, doing some shopping and preparing yourself for the new year. In this way, you can also find time to review your year and make goals for the new one.
  • Plan: Make a plan for the work you want to complete before the holidays. Also, make a personal plan for the errands such as shopping, visiting relatives or preparing a holiday party. Once you finalize your plan, stick to it. If you fall behind your plan, it means that you need revisit it and maybe take some items off the list.
  • Don’t Start on Any New Projects: Don’t start anything new by this time of the year because it will be more difficult for you to focus on and adjust to the new work. Instead, try to finish the ones you are already working on, since it will be easier to work on something you are already familiar with. Wait until January to start anything new in your life.
  • Try to Stay Healthy: Try not to catch a cold when you are running from one party to the next. Also, pay attention to your eating routine. Control the size of your portions. Exercise, if you can. Even if this exercising is only about a half-an-hour walk outside the office during lunch time, it still helps.
  • Network: This is a great time for networking. Try to meet new people in the parties you attend and expand your network. Maybe you can even find your dream job next year who knows!
  • Celebrate: Get into the mood and celebrate! It is a wonderful time of the year. If you are a manager, take your team to a holiday lunch to show them your appreciation or give them gift cards. Don’t forget that everybody loves presents.