How to Use Double Time to Increase Successful Outcomes

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shutterstock_217505893Double Time may not mean what you think it means.

Most people think of double time to mean do things twice as fast. Which is what it means if you are in the military. However, in this case I’m suggesting a way for you to increase the likelihood of a successful outcomes. In this case I’m suggesting you double whatever amount of time you think it will take to do something.

Key Point: In 2015 I suspect we are going to hear more about Outcomes than Effort. People are growing tired of everyone claiming to be busy all the time. We’ll see a focus on results. A Focus on Outcomes.

Why Double Time?

What happens when we go too fast? We make mistakes.

What happens when we don’t allocate enough time? We end up going too fast.

Ipso Facto … Allocate More Time to Increase the likelihood of Successful Outcomes

The Solution is Double Time

Everyone has the same amount of time everyday. Everyone has a choice (for the most part) on how they allocate their time. When planning for something you should absolutely do your due diligence and make a reasonable assessment of how long you think it will take to complete a particular task. Then … Double It! Not because you are terrible at time assessment, rather it’s to insure you have a Successful Outcome.

Below are a few tried and true tips for both time management and for learning and mastering a new skill. One of the biggest factors we often face is the time to ramp up on a new skill. Not to mention the inevitable procrastination. If you are one of the few people that never procrastinates good for you. However, if you are like most of us you will inevitably delay the start of a project. Perhaps because you know it’s going to be daunting. And, some projects will require a lot of steps and a lot of pre-planning. Hint: Get Started … Soon!

Well begun is half done.” ~ Aristotle

A few Time, Project and Skill Development tips:

These aren’t tricks. They are proven to work. Some may not work for you, but you should try them to see which work for your style.

Pro Tip:
Plan for the time. Double It. Then take the time. Don’t rush it.
Finally, before submitting your project: Pause, Reflect, Review … then click send.

Why Do Any Of This?

It’s simple … when you consistently deliver great work and deliver it on the time schedule you promised you will stand out in your career. You will be noticed as someone who does what they say they are going to do. You will be called upon in the future to deliver projects that are increasingly challenging. Why? Because you’ve taken the time to allocate your time wisely and because you’ve developed your ability to learn new skills. All of which help you Stand Out in Your Career.

Good luck on your next project and remember to do it in Double Time.

Drop a comment here for how you use time management to deliver successful outcomes.