How Traditional Marketing Affects Your Personal Brand

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The advancements of technology today are changing the face of innovation as marketing materials are making their transition from paper to a digital presence. With this transformation, is it time to rethink the power — or lack thereof — of traditional marketing techniques when strengthening your personal brand?

Don’t fret, you don’t have to throw out your business cards, at least not right now. But, there is no doubt that we will soon live and breathe the true meaning of the “digital age.” If you are hesitant to succumb to encompassing an integrated online presence, for whatever the reason, remember one thing – truly innovative technology aims to simplify tasks and open new doors of opportunity.

One of the founding principles in Marketing 101: knowing your audience and how to reach them properly. Representing you and your personal brand with traditional marketing materials alone simply does not abide by this rule. Consumers and potential customers are online – so your brand needs to be there, as well.

When it comes to traditional marketing techniques, think of modern, digital marketing as enhancements to the materials you already have. Begin incorporating an online presence to reap the following benefits:

Virtual means flexible. Say your personal biography, resume, and work portfolio are moved from paper to your own website. By having your credentials easily accessible online, your materials are now easily editable, as well. Changing, updating, saving, and printing is a time-consuming process, which is why we often carry outdated resumes and brochures. With a personal website, your brand will always be up to date.

Branding online allows you to connect. Networking has never been as easy as it is now because of our good friend social media. Now you can “follow” relevant experts in your industry on Twitter, “like” companies in your field on Facebook, and find professionals on LinkedIn. Furthermore, by transitioning your direct mail pieces from the mail box to an email inbox, you now have a better chance of connecting with your audience by including links directing them back to your personal website, product website, and social media accounts.

Save moneyWe all want to save money, especially in this tough economy. Many people think that technological advancements require more money, but with modern eMarketing, this is not the case. There are many web design platforms, like Wix for example, allowing you to create your own personal website free of charge. The majority of the most popular social media platforms are costless also. Of course, you may find yourself looking into SEO, which is sometimes costly, but there is no better way to create further brand awareness than having a strong online presence, for free.

Times are changing and our personal branding strategies have to be able to evolve to meet the demands of consumers. Despite your marketing preferences, remember the most important rule of all: to stay consistent with a unified personal branding platform.