Increase Success by Building Relationships and Proper Branding

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As a matter of course, I suggest to audiences they reflect back on how they have been described by others and on their aspirations for the future to help direct the development of their brand. In the past few days, two people offered this exact observation of me.

Observations of others

Their pronouncements were that they are always able to count on me to over-deliver on value and continually build relationships. This goes to the heart of my first book, including the sub-title, “Relationship Building That Gets Results”. The topic is my mantra or brand.

Are you building a similar reputation in your business or career? Over time, word of mouth precedes you and so it’s important to pay attention to what the general consensus is. As Abe Lincoln put it, “You will never please all the people all the time,” however, your brand (consistencies in all you do) reflects the real you.

Your interactions with others

How you treat people on the job or in business; all of the services and products you may have created, what are the underlying themes and how do they all tie together? It is the compounding factor that brings home the identity of your brand.

The one area where many people need to improve is that of follow-up. I repeatedly hear,
“Oh, I just don’t want to be a pushy salesperson and so I wait for the phone to ring.”
“I feel as if I’m bothering people when I try to call them back, it isn’t comfortable.”

Should you be one of these people, you need to stop to consider what is the marketing-communication message you are really presenting?

The other side of the coin may be:
– You lack confidence to call back
– Your products or services are not worth the time
– You do not follow up on small promises, therefore you aren’t trustworthy

It’s important to note, if you remain comfortable it will be difficult to improve. And while the latter point is the most concerning to all, each of these viewpoints will prevent any possibility for a sale to take place. The good news is this is all a very easy fix!

When you are communicating with another, whether online or in-person, simply ask “Would you like me to follow-up?”

It’s permission based and therefore, should they say yes, know it’s a request and not a bother!

Your next question should be, “When would you like me to follow up?”

Building the relationship one step further, follow the second question with,
“How do you prefer to be contacted – email, phone, or an appointment?”

Now you have precise instructions on the How, When, and Where. It is up to you to discover the “What!”

From their point first

When you approach prospects and clients from their point of view first, you are no longer a pushy salesperson. Instead they appreciate your courtesy and become intrigued about the possibility of doing business with you. The conflict within you fades away and confidence builds thus enabling you to become far more successful.

The above is the tried and true method for building relationships steadily. I was just introduced to video technology that enhances the process by allowing the communication to become more personal.