Why Influencer Marketing Is Still Important For Brands

Personal Branding
influencer marketing

As mobile marketing is becoming more center stage for brands it’s more important than ever to stand out to your personal brands’ audience in a remarkable way. Connecting with the right people in your industry is just the beginning to building an effective strategy that is authentic, and able to solve the most pressing problems.

How can your brand gain more visibility through meaningful connections? By establishing relationships with individuals and business leaders. With communication and conversations your brand could generate more sales when recommended by a trusted source.

As a personal brand interacts online there are a few simple strategies to follow when attracting the right people to your brand.

How to Leverage Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth recommendations are brought about through a good image for your personal brand, which is built over time through daily interactions. Use these tips to attract the right people to your business:

Keep visual marketing in the forefront.

Because of the instant nature of this type of media it’s much easier to connect with industry leaders with the right storytelling methods. Search for and use the top trending content that fit into your niche — The more original your own brand content is the more likely this will also get noticed with the right keywords.

Organic methods on social media still work.

One of the best ways to connect with others and to find out more about what your audience is in relevant groups on social media. The key to success is to focus on those that have a large and active membership with a high level of engagement. It is important to include helpful information in order to to generate more interest such as videos, tips, questions, ect.

Publish live and pre-recorded videos.

Video marketing is a great way to cross promote your content and double your visibility on other platforms, including your blog. Do your research and look for categories that have a lot of engagement and shares. Pay attention the the latest trending topics, as these can especially change with each season.

Daily activity and interactions.

Use creative methods to stay in communication with your audience such as email updates, automation, and offline meetings. This sends a message that your brand is both professional and trustworthy to your influencers. Invite others to your webinars, podcasts, and live events including specific hashtag chats on Twitter in order to establish your brand as a leading authority.

Forging the right relationships online takes time, diligence and patience, but in the end will create more opportunities for your personal brand. In an environment that is highly automated personal connections are becoming more valuable, and can help your brand rise to the top of the visibility scale.