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man-1459246_640Freelancing and being your own boss might be the dream come true for many. However, being a freelancer requires some personal traits and sacrifices and unfortunately, it is not for everyone. Some people notice, after they start freelancing, that they are not as productive as their 9 to 5 jobs. Therefore, you should think twice before start freelancing. If you have the below skills, freelancing can be the right career for you.

  • Can Deal with Isolation: As a freelancer, most of the time you will be working alone by yourself. If you are used to working in an open office environment, you can feel lonely as a freelancer and this can affect your mood and productivity. Renting a space from shared offices or partnering up with someone for some tasks can help you deal with the isolation problem.
  • Have Self-Discipline: As a freelancer, you have no boss to tell you what to do and when. You should determine your schedule and plan your work flow. You are also accountable to yourself because you are running a business and you should also work on administrative tasks of running a business. Therefore, you have to have self-discipline and know what to do when. Also, if necessary, you should be willing to work late nights and early mornings.
  • Be Professional: You will be dealing with your clients yourself now and therefore, you should know the rules of the game. For example, you should dress up for all your client meetings even if you don’t want to. In this way, you will look more professional and clients will know that you are taking your work seriously. You can also think that your client is your new boss now and therefore, you should behave accordingly.
  • Be Flexible: As a freelancer, you must be flexible. You should easily adapt to new market needs, conditions or services. You should closely follow trends and move in that direction. You don’t need to apply all the new trends or concepts but quickly figure out what will be best for your business and keep on doing that.
  • Be Financially Strong: Before quitting your job to be a freelancer, you should have savings to support yourself for at least a year. Setting up a business from scratch takes up time and effort. You should go out to the field and network a lot in order to find people who will pay for your services.