Job Interviewing is a Two-Way Street

Personal Branding

Often when job interviewing you focus on getting across your qualifications in technical expertise. From talking with hundreds of executives actually doing the interviewing, this is what they tell me they are really interested in:
-Is he lazy?
-Does she have common sense?
-Does he have fire in the belly?
-Is she qualified?
-Is he lying?
-Will she fit in?
-Will he embarrass me?

While they are trying to figure that out about you, you should be trying to figure out about the company and the job:
-Is the company worth joining?
-Do they have good products or services?
-Do they have workable plans for the future?
-Will I have a qualified, competent boss?
-Will they support my growth and development?
-Will they reward my efforts?
-Will I be proud to work for them?

When you get home from the interview, debrief yourself on what you learned and what you still need to find out.

And ask yourself: Did people laugh and kid during your interview? Did people seem to like each other? Was there an air of secrecy or openness? Was anyone happily working late?

Remember, you are there to check them out as much as you let them check you out.