You are working hard to brand yourself and your business with written posts on your blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook page. But have you remembered to consistently brand your face?

Yup, that’s right. Part of your brand is how you look in photos and present yourself in videos. You want people to listen to what you have to say, rather than comment on your shiny forehead, don’t you?

Here’s how to look consistently great in all your professional online pictures and on-screen appearances:

  • Be instantly recognizable. Keep your headshot the same across all platforms so people can find, follow, and subscribe to you quickly.
  • Consider your signature look. 
Like Anderson Cooper’s shock of white hair, a consistent appearance makes people feel like they know you. If you keep changing your hairstyle or glasses they may wonder if you’re having a midlife crisis!
  • Keep it professional.
 Even if you work in a casual field, a collared shirt looks like you mean business. A sloppy T-shirt can alienate clients over a certain age.
  • Don’t skip the makeup. Especially for videos shot in HD.
Yes, we know real men don’t wear makeup. But nothing can ruin your image like dark eye circles or a glistening bald head.

Appearing on camera? Here’s a look inside a (small, I promise) unisex makeup bag. Check out the products you should ALWAYS have with you.

So on your next trip to the local pharmacy, pick up a few things to help you achieve a “natural” look:

1. A compact with translucent (no color) powder
2. A stick of concealer (just guess at the right shade)
3. Travel-sized hairspray
4. Travel-sized hand lotion
5. Lip balm
6. A pack of cheap tissues (they blot without leaving paper residue on your face)

Before facing the camera

Dab a little powder on your forehead, nose, and head (if needed) or just blot with tissues. Rub a small squirt of lotion into your hands and then run them through your hair to stop frizz or fly-aways. Add an optional spritz of hairspray and a little lip balm.

If you shave and have dark facial hair, foundation can cover a heavy shadow. Just visit a makeup counter at MAC or Sephora. And don’t be embarrassed! Those makeup artists have seen it all and know how to make you look like you, just better.

Next week I’ll be posting about on-camera makeup for women and showing you my own personal Before/After photos. Yikes!


Manoush’s on-camera expertise comes from years of reporting and producing for BBC News and Reuters Television. For more tips and techniques, check out Manoush’s ebook Camera Ready: How to Prepare Your Best Self & Ideas On Air and Online and follow her on Twitter @manoushz.