Life Time Athletic partners with SHIFT for enhanced global PR

Athletic Shift

Life Time Athletic Events, a leading organizer of top-tier cycling events, has enlisted SHIFT as its worldwide Public Relations agency. This strategic decision followed a thorough selection process and is designed to increase brand visibility, bolster their global reputation, and manage media relations effectively.

With a strong background in the sports industry, SHIFT has been selected for their strategic communication expertise. The agency will play a crucial role in showcasing Life Time’s cycling events on an international stage while improving communication between the company, press, and the public.

SHIFT’s wide-ranging responsibilities include releasing official press statements, handling crisis communications, and formulating communication strategies. This partnership is set to substantially enhance Life Time’s global PR and media efforts.

Key cycling events like Sea Otter Classic and Unbound Gravel, both part of the Life Time Grand Prix series, fall under SHIFT’s purview. The agency will work closely with event organizers, overseeing critical operational aspects and ensuring high-quality participant experiences.

The journey starts at the 34th Sea Otter Classic in April.

Boosting global PR with Life Time and SHIFT

Shifting the focus to enhanced brand visibility, stimulating participant engagement, and boosting ticket sales, SHIFT intends to provide a more engaging experience for all attendees. The anticipation is high for this collaboration, attracting elite athletes and outdoor enthusiasts from around the globe.

SHIFT’s role extends beyond pre-event activities. It includes handling local and international media, managing media credentials, on-site media management, and offering post-event race updates. They’re also planning and promoting cycling events in Colorado, Kansas, and Arkansas.

Tom Foy, the PR Head of SHIFT Active Media, expressed his thrill about the partnership, viewing it as a powerful validation of SHIFT’s capabilities in media engagement and race press office management. Set to demonstrate their expertise on a global scale, SHIFT is driven to surpass expectations.

This collaboration sets the stage for exciting opportunities for cyclists at all levels, promoting active, healthy lifestyles, and fostering a vibrant, sustainable cycling culture. The goal here is to make cycling accessible and enjoyable to everyone, promising a brighter and more inclusive future for the sport around the globe.

In conclusion, the partnership between Life Time and SHIFT signals the beginning of their journey towards a more informed, involved, and inspired cycling community, enabling unique experiences for everybody who is passionate about the sport.