Low Cost Website Traffic Strategies for Your Personal Brand

Personal Branding

shutterstock_199954073A solid website is just the beginning step to attracting leads that can be converted into sales. The goal is to bring visitors back with referrals, and you don’t need to have a big budget to accomplish this.

What type of website attracts brand ambassadors? It is through a fresh, informative format that is promoted on social media. In order to not lose important visitors your brand should be taking advantage of affordable tools and resources that help manage and create great content and design.

An eye-catching landing page that offers something of value right away is your personal brand’s calling card. Whether you are starting from scratch or getting your website ready for the new year there are a few key strategies to think about.

Attract More Website Leads for Your Personal Brand and Increase Your Sales

Here are several steps you can take when building your website up on a budget:

  • Facebook is not dead – If your brand has been inactive or not very effective in marketing your company Page then now is the time to revisit your options. Facebook advertising has come a long way, especially with its integration with Instagram and ability to tailor ads to your email subscribers through Custom Audiences. Additionally the Facebook Pixel feature will help track visitors on your website and increase your Fan base.
  • Advertise on Twitter – This influential social network is not just about tweets and retweets. This is also a great place for your brand to advertise to your subscribers and followers through the Website Tag and Tailored Audiences features. Content from your website can also stand out with Twitter Cards, which provide eye-catching visuals right from your blog posts.
  • Pinterest as a link building tool – Visual content is on the rise, and Pinterest is a great place to build your brand with eye-catching photos and videos. Pins have the potential to provide more traffic to your website, which can be converted to sales, and in the near feature users will be able to make a purchase of your products with Buyable Pins.
  • Live streaming – The future of branding is focused the most on video, and what better way to do this than through a live presentation, event, how-to course, ect. Both Facebook and Twitter are making this more widely available in addition to Google Hangouts and live video on YouTube.

Generating more website visitors for your personal brand does not have to be expensive with the many tools available today. Social media has surpassed search engine marketing with more referrals and search queries. As you take advantage of your main platforms you will be able to draw in a larger audience who will recommend your brand as a trusted source.