man-1600959_640Work life balance is the typical thought heard, but this just refers to the hours put in. Examining business further brings about many areas in which balance may take place.

Some of the differing areas to consider:

  • Cultural differences and experiences
  • Technical versus creative ideas
  • Senior versus junior generations

Teamwork within companies is vital to quickly expand thinking and generate new ideas. By incorporating varied thought, businesspeople are far more likely to advance.

Balance No and Yes

Asking for a job or the sale both risk being told ‘no’. For this reason, many people will not ask the hiring manager or prospective client about the likelihood of moving forward. They run for cover.  But in order to know how best to spend your time, and if it’s important to you, balance your body with feet on the ground and stand tall to ask. Clients and hiring managers usually want you to demonstrate the interest, the courage, and dedication

Your Story

Good days and worse days make our career similar to a roller coaster ride. To gain improved perspective on down days, set time aside to realize if there are good lessons to be learned. Frequently, the tougher the day, the better the lesson and one that is to be embraced.

Consider how you balance life and work:

  • How do you handle stress; are there areas to be improved?
  • Do you allow yourself free time to think about current day and the future?
  • As an entrepreneur, do you set time aside to be with friends?
  • As a job seeker do you give yourself time to reflect on the current and improved strategy to get hired?
  • Do you belong to groups that provide support?
  • Do you have trusted friends with whom you may confide?

Give time to explore the subject matter foremost on your mind. Regard it from multiple angles and discuss with close friends or peers. Together you may come to a consensus for the better approach.  By maintaining balance you develop an admired personal brand.

Sales Tips:

1. Practice asking for what you want.

2. Keep track of requests granted and if they are on the rise.

3. Make a game of turning ‘no’ into ‘Yes!’

4. Confer with peers how they work with the fear of rejection.

5. Adapt suggestions for a positive outlook to your style.

6. Give yourself pep talks every time you look into the mirror.

7. Coach yourself by saying, ‘Yes I Can!’

8. Rewrite your plan for making your vision come true.

9. Compare and contrast your old plan to the new.

10. Focus on building your career as you desire.

The balance will keep you from falling and lead you to the Smooth Sale!