Building Your First Website: Why You Should Hire a Developer

Team Building Together

As any successful entrepreneur understands, the key to carving out an existence in today’s market means generating interest and gaining exposure for your new product or service. While this can be achieved in a variety of ways, new startups and established companies alike are turning to the internet in order to market themselves through their own website.

However, the typical website isn’t enough to create a significant buzz in today’s online world. With millions of different pages on the internet today, it can be difficult to create a page that stands out among the competition. Although many millennials and recent graduates have enough knowledge to put together a rudimentary webpage, it takes a dedicated and focused expert to really make it shine.

Turning Your Thoughts Into Reality

Expert web designers are able to work with their clients to help turn their thoughts into reality on the web. This is why it’s so important that you take the time to find the best developer for your site.

Before making a final decision, be sure to review the portfolios, resumes or profiles of any developers you are considering. More importantly, take a look at their own website. If you notice any glaring errors, or if one particular developer’s style doesn’t match with your needs, don’t hesitate to move along and continue your search.

Accommodating Business Growth

Professionals are also able to keep your website updated in tandem with growing business needs. The startup company Craftsy, for example, began as a dedicated team of four individuals. It wasn’t long before its roster had grown to include more than 250 staff members. While this sort of scaling would be difficult and tedious to maintain on your own, a professional web developer can typically manage such processes for you.

However, Craftsy’s website was anything but typical. With a goal of providing multimedia content that focuses on online learning, advanced video and web encoding capabilities were absolutely critical. Craftsy currently boasts hundreds of thousands of users across multiple mobile platforms.

Gaining an Edge on the Competition

The industry’s top developers can also be utilized to gain an edge on your toughest competitors. By analyzing market trends, forecasting possible future innovations and rolling out website updates before your peers, you’ll be better poised to maximize your exposure, profitability and reputation as a proactive, forward-thinking entrepreneur.

Saving Time and Potentially Money

Believe it or not, hiring a website developer can actually save you time and, in some cases, money. The inherent problem with building your very first website, especially one that is meant for public consumption, is the fact that you’ve never built a full-scale website. While you might view the project as a simple task that will only take a matter of minutes, unexpected complications, coding errors and other mistakes can result in a lot of misspent time.

Expert-level web designers tend to be more aware of any potential issues that may arise. Although there might be some surprises that pop up here and there, those who do this for a living are almost always better equipped to troubleshoot and resolve problems than the average computer user.

Greater Customization and Continuity

Professional web designers, developers and coders can also provide you with a greater level of customization and individuality in your website. Whereas those who are new to website creation might follow any number of templates or guides when building their online presence, IT experts are able to work without any template restrictions or guideline constraints. As such, you’re far more likely to receive a site that meets your exact expectations when working with a third-party developer.

Some developers are even able to provide service and brand continuity across several platforms. With a growing consumer interest in mobile communications, the Internet of Things and cloud computing, those who are able to supplement your website with additional services and functionality can help maximize your exposure in the industry and reach as many potential customers as possible.

Capitalizing on the Nuances of Web Design

There are also a lot of minor nuances, quirks and complementary systems that are involved in website design. Search engine optimization, for example, makes it possible for today’s popular search portals to locate your page among the millions of other sites. However, this process isn’t done for you. Instead, web designers are left on their own when it comes to preparing their sites for the modern internet.

Many design professionals are already well aware of search engine optimization and how to apply these concepts when building their clients’ websites. Although the basics of SEO are rather straightforward, the discipline itself is incredibly complex.

Working With Your Developer

Above all else, remember to work with your web developer when it comes to realizing your online goals and visions. While you might have an idea for the next big trend, the act of incorporating or encoding your thoughts into feasible, accessible web elements might be downright impossible. Working with your online experts, exchanging ideas and compromising are all valuable parts of the process.

Updated: November 18, 2020