The leader within you will appear however you personally define it. Leadership depends upon your degree of commitment to education and perseverance to bring into reality your deepest desire.

Some people who speak the loudest or allow ego to take over may initially appear to be the leader. However the attraction usually fades when inconsistencies or poor delivery are encountered.

Franklin Roosevelt’s famous quote, “speak softly and carry a big stick” applies to business. My interpretation for the big stick is it symbolizes your bigger plan to help others. What is your motivation for being in business and why will others care? To this point, do you serve the needs of others and do you personally care about the difference you might make in their lives? Are you willing to do what it takes to pursue what you believe to make a difference in your business? This, for me, is what motivated leadership is all about, and it goes directly to building your personal brand.

Quiet leaders know to turn inward to examine their values and what they are trying to contribute to the world. They work to build community wherever they go. Their reward is their good reputation precedes them bringing about larger followings and increased opportunities whether in person or online thereby dynamically growing business.

As entrepreneurs, we sometimes are faced with the need to take a different path from what is current or popular. At times, reinvention may be necessary too. Our world changes so quickly today with markets fluctuating, it has become more important than ever to remain not only current, but when possible, ahead of the curve.

On occasion your colleagues may disagree with your new ideas for business development. Calculated risk is the defining moment for every entrepreneur. When you turn inward to consider all that is important to you it may be necessary to put blinders on to the real world to avoid distraction. This is particularly true when you have serious change under consideration. If we let others dictate how we run our business, our reward is minimal. It is when we allow ourselves the freedom to try what we believe will work when true reward comes.

Take time on a regular basis to examine where you currently are and where you wish to be in order to bring about answers and actions dictating what will be right for you. Do you need to visit new venues or try new programs? Is this the right time to file a 501C to increase your community efforts? Let the quiet leader in you appear out in the world.

Prior to getting to the envisioned destination, a revised plan of action should be put into place due to the new vision becoming larger than ever. Fear may at times enter the picture but this is where the right help is found to more easily move forward.

It is the person who refuses to give up on their dreams, who in the end, becomes the recognized motivated leader. From outward appearances it seems their entire journey was a very Smooth Sale!


Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, LLC authored the International Best-Selling book, “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results”, Sourcebooks and the best selling career book, “HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews”, Career Press. She provides team sales training, private coaching and highly acclaimed inspirational keynotes for conferences. Elinor is available upon request for consultation.