New Content Marketing Strategies for Personal Brands

Personal Branding
Choosing the Right Mentor

shutterstock_347151620In order to establish your brand as a trusted lead in your industry you need a well thought out content marketing strategy. Having the right target market dialed in with stand out blog posts is critical to gaining more subscribers and followers on social media.

Content that converts into sales is original and appeals to the needs of your brand’s audience. As more readers are making decisions from their mobile devices you can prepare your strategy to be effective for the coming year.

The right content marketing strategy takes consistency, knowledge, and time.

Here are several ways your brand’s articles can be more successful in the new age of marketing online:

  • Mix up your content – Long or wordy articles no longer grab the attention of readers and search engines. In order to be seen your brand should be including high quality and relatable images, videos, and infographics. Appeal to your audience through contests, giveaways, live streaming events and webinars in order to build an interest in what you have to offer. Both Facebook and YouTube remain top social networks to share your content and attract subscribers to your blog.
  • Focus on phrases, not keywords – Organic content based on conversational style searches and questions is now the norm for blog posts. Not only has Google modified its algorithm to adapt, but readers have also been the main influence as they become more savvy in the type of information that peeks their attention.
  • Advertise on social media – There are now more opportunities for brands to make a small investment with a large return on website traffic and sales with social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Many of these platforms now offer business packages at an affordable rate, which can greatly increase your visibility.
  • Connect with your current network – Your email lists and connections online should be informed about your newest content, announcements, and special offers. Your brand could set this up as a campaign, or include something special such as a free eBook or report. As you build communication your loyal followers will trust and recommend your business, especially as you also interact with them on social media.

Creating content for both computer and mobile audiences throughout the month on a consistent basis will keep your personal brand on top when it comes to creating more visibility. Track your progress each month on the number of interactions, subscribers, clicks, ect. through services like Google Analytics. The process may take time to build, but in the end will help your brand stay ahead of the game in a changing online marketplace.