What the New Twitter Character Limit Expansion Means for Your Brand

Personal Branding

Twitter is still one of the most popular social networks for brands between their customers to communicate and share information. Recently a major upgrade has allowed all users to take advantage of a new 280 character limit. This microblogging platform has been competing with other platforms like Facbeook, Instagram, and Google Plus, and now it’s time to reach more people.

You can use this new update for your brand’s advantage by showcasing more of what you have to offer as well as providing valuable information for your followers. Here is what you can expect and how the change will affect your marketing strategy:

  • Timelines will not change too much – Even though we will start seeing longer tweets this does not necessarily change the easy reading pattern on this popular platform. A recent study revealed that most users are keeping their content at around 190 characters.
  • More responses from your community – Expect to see more feedback as your brand is able to share additional information — especially when it comes to answering customer questions. This will improve the satisfaction rate and speed up the support process as well.
  • Creativity is more possible – Now that the limits are expanded brands can tweet more creative content that includes videos, .gifs, eye-catching images, and more. This also allows for more engagement in Twitter chats and creating moments for your audience.
  • Builds and encourages engagement – Retweets will start to increase, offering more insights and feedback from your network where your followers can ask questions. Be quick to respond to notifications and Direct Messages. The more helpful and accessible your brand becomes, the better response you will have to your content.

The world of social media is ever changing — your personal brand needs to stay up to date on the latest changes in order to remain relevant in your target market. By engaging on Twitter with more content you can create a better network of communication and trust.