NEXEN TIRE Clinches Two iF Design Awards 2024

Design Awards Clinch

Global tire tycoon, NEXEN TIRE, has recently clinched two illustrious awards at the iF Design Awards 2024, earning commendable recognition in the tire industry on the world stage.

The pioneering NEXERA project bagged the ‘Product Design’ award, while the groundbreaking NEXUS project topped the ‘Professional Concept’ category. This double triumph underlines NEXEN TIRE’s dedication to superior design and game-changing innovation.

In sync with NEXEN TIRE’s design ethos of “Ultimate Sensual, Timeless Movement”, both NEXERA and NEXUS are stellar models of tire technology’s future. The unique blend of art and technology in these projects sets a benchmark in tire design, shattering traditional norms of function and performance.

In addition, the company’s fruitful collaboration with South Korea’s Sejong University underpins these groundbreaking initiatives. This portrays NEXEN TIRE’s continuous commitment to evolution and progression, smashing industry norms and embracing bold, transformative ideas.

NEXERA and NEXUS artistically narrate NEXEN TIRE’s rich history and collaborative journey towards the future of the tire industry, embodying the company’s vision for next-gen tire manufacturing.

These award-winning designs have even sparked stylish and functional product ranges, including eco-bags and office essentials. These accolades came from none other than Germany’s esteemed iF International Forum Design GmbH, underlining the globally recognized status of these versatile designs.

As reiterated by a company spokesperson, NEXEN TIRE is relentless in promoting novel design philosophies through programs like industry-academic alliances, fostering innovation, and advancing tire technology.

Originally established in 1942, NEXEN TIRE has grown exponentially to serve over 150 countries with production facilities in two nations. The company stands unrivalled in its commitment to safety, performance, and efficiency, exceeding customer expectations and setting high-quality standards in the international tire market.

With its latest accolades, NEXEN TIRE confirms its standing as a globally respected and recognized tire manufacturer proving its relentless commitment to quality and innovation.