How many websites do you have an online presence on? Three? Five? Maybe even upwards of ten?

While perhaps it’s unrealistic to expect you to eliminate accounts to simplify your online brand, it can be difficult to keep track of all of your profiles, particularly if someone is searching for you on a specific site.

A plethora of platforms

Obviously, a good old fashioned website that links to all of your profiles can help with this. However, there are other solutions out there that take a lot less setup time than a website—and can help you manage your brand just as well. calls itself “a custom profile & personal analytics dashboard.” Recognizing the problem with scattered identities across the Web, an account helps you pull all of your information together in a single splash page.

You can also view analytics and statistics pertaining to the amount of visitors your site receives, where they come from and what they do while on your page.

Want to “make a homepage in minutes”? Sign up for a page—no coding required. Make it your own by choosing your colors, fonts, background and layout and put all of your content from around the web in one place. Simple, fast and effective!


Brand-Yourself stresses creating positive content about yourself that ranks highly in Google. Again, you can create your site in minutes. You can also use Profile Graders to evaluate your social media profiles. An advantage of Brand-Yourself is that you can manage your social profiles from within your Brand Dashboard—making it easy to keep up with your different accounts without investing too much time.

The Stats Section helps you monitor your reputation and suggest positive brand building activities to engage in. If you’re looking to improve your brand or create a positive online presence, the tools Brand-Yourself offers can certainly help with that.