When you first meet a new colleague online, there are ten things you should do. Do them well and you'll make a positive online impression.

When you first meet a new colleague online, there are ten things you should do. Do them well and you’ll make a positive online impression.

Meeting new employees and customers online might seem unpleasant and impersonal compared to the analog form we were all used to before March 2020.  However, since e-meetings are the most common (and for some of us, the only) kind of meeting these days, generating a digitally solid first online impression is crucial.

Therefore, there are several things you should do before meeting with them to assist you in making a solid first online impression when they do preliminary research on you (e.g., Google and LinkedIn). Then there are certain things you should do at that initial screen-to-screen encounter to lay the groundwork for a successful connection.

Because of confirmation bias, they’ll put you on a pedestal if those two encounters leave a good image. In this sense, confirmation bias implies that a few consistent favorable encounters with you will set the course for a positive upward trajectory. Here are some top ideas for leveraging the power of video which, next to being there in person, is the richest form of communication. You can utilize it to keep that trajectory heading upward.

If they offer to conduct a phone interview, decline and request a video instead. Make all of social media your oyster. It’s the closest thing to the face-to-face conversations we used to have, and video enables you to give a whole message. Now that you’ve become used to utilizing video, make the initial encounter as enjoyable as possible.

1. Arrive on time.

As soon as your online meeting begins, be ready to go.

Showing up late or stressed screams, “This isn’t important to me.”

2. Call them by their first name, multiple times if you can.

If you’re meeting with them through Zoom, their name will be visible on the screen. It’s the digital version of the Hello My Name Is sticker that you’ll see at many networking events.

Take down the name in your mind. Therefore, take a screenshot if you’re meeting numerous individuals at once, and you’ll have the photos and names of everyone in the meeting.

3. Make direct online eye contact.

That means focusing on the camera rather than the images on your screen.

This is the most significant blunder people make time and time again. Although it may seem strange at first, it will significantly influence how you connect with people and demonstrate that you have mastered online relationships.

If chatting to a green light on your laptop seems strange, tape a photo of a person directly in front of the camera…but be careful not to obstruct the lens!

4. Interrogate…and listen.

Therefore, prepare a few questions that will demonstrate your curiosity and creativity.

“What are you enthused about right now?” is an excellent question to ask, much better “How is the weather in Chicago today?” Therefore, inquire with them about anything you discovered through your web study on them. “So, I see you started your career with American Express. How did you find it?” This demonstrates that you are interested in the subject and have completed your homework.

It’s more vital to be curious than it is to be fascinating. Remember to ask the most critical question: “How may I assist you?”

5. Make use of online technology to improve the experience.

Use your LinkedIn profile’s QR code so that people can quickly connect with you by just holding their phone up to the screen.

Warmly.ai for Zoom allows you to create a backdrop signature with information about yourself that you wish to share.

6. Acknowledge their existence.

Everyone has achievements. Therefore, every individual you meet has something spectacular, something you respect and admire.

Determine the point you wish to emphasize based on your study.

7. Take down some notes.

While you won’t recall everything you learn about someone, make a mental note of the most relevant details.

However, don’t take too many notes since it will seem like you are uninterested if you are typing instead of paying attention.

I have a People note on Evernote where I scribble down a few keywords about each new person I meet.

8. Establish a link.

Determine who in your network you may introduce this new colleague to.

Consider who in your network might be a good match for them. Making relationships among network members is one of the most practical networking tasks you can undertake.

9. Decide when you’ll connect again online.

Don’t leave a meeting or activity without a strategy for the next one.

Determine when and how you will reconnect. Relationships are formed via a series of exchanges.

10. Take your time exiting the Zoom room.

Don’t be the first to press the “leave the meeting” button. You don’t want to seem like you’re in a hurry to move on to anything else.

You can make e-meetings positive, powerful, and practical with a bit of effort. Attention to details will help you make a stellar online impression.