Your meter of willingness to consider new ideas requiring additional education will drive your level of success. Your thoughts drive your action.

Have you ever been told, “That won’t work”; or “You will fail” and other such encouraging news? I actually find these declarations motivating!

What does it take?

Are you willing to take the time required to figure out how to get to the next rung in your career or further develop your business model? Have you secretly wished you could write a book or become a corporate Vice President?

Anything is possible when you set your mind to it, put achievable goals in place to get there and get the help you need. Your heart and soul must be committed to making it happen.

Many people first starting out ask me how I handle “failure”? Your open mind will learn to adapt one of the easiest strategies for overcoming this dilemma. Exchange the word “failure” for “marketing research.”

Have you ever heard of a large corporation say, “We had to create a newer version of our product because the earlier one failed?” Of course not! Instead they report in, “Our marketing research has shown…”

Uncertainty and opportunity

Entrepreneurship is not a sure game or endeavor. Particularly in the early years, uncertainty looms overhead. Building business requires testing, analyzing and tweaking. And sometimes, it is painful to admit one area is not profitable and must be discarded. This isn’t failure. Instead, it is smart business to keep an eye and pulse on what is working best for the given environment and move whole-heartedly with those venues that are producing.

The only thing you can be certain about is you. Are you willing to give it your all and not let anything or anyone stop you?

When I am particularly interested in a venue, I stop at nothing to figure out how to accomplish my goal. It delights me when I prove the nay-sayers wrong.

A friend exclaimed today, “Elinor, you are a powerhouse that perseveres to get the job done.” After laughing at the declaration, I recognized this has actually become part of my brand. When I say I’m going to accomplish something, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that it will get done.

During the analysis phase of moving forward, reserve time for education. Read online and traditional books; get coaching and take classes; network and go on retreats. Talk with as many different people as possible to find those you enjoy the best – they become your target audience.

The beauty of having the willingness to “put yourself out there” is that opportunities come forward opening many new doors. New connections are offered and possibilities become viral.

Your only step in the journey is to prioritize what you want to achieve. Have the near term and long term vision with you at all times. They should be encompassed in your heart, mind and soul. Not being dissuaded by others will build your brand too.

You are now headed for a Smooth Sale!