In case you are just starting out on a new venture, it may be hard to believe the headline, “Opportunity knocks more than once.” In the early days, you frequently find yourself thinking, “If only opportunity would come around just once!”

Most often it takes dedicated work over a few years to begin seeing occasional opportunity. As you diligently dedicate yourself to building relationships, learning, and teaching others who are following in your footsteps, opportunity begins to appear.

Core business without distraction

The dedication to work and building your core business without distraction is the beginning of building your brand. Associates and acquaintances watch your progress and take note. Word of mouth precedes you and soon referrals and requests begin to in.

I recently had lunch with Alice who introduced me to Judy. Upon sitting down at the table, Alice said to me, “It’s your quiet power that motivated me to introduce the two of you and have you consider coaching us in business.”

The term, “quiet power” appealed to me because truthfully that is my brand or style. I’m not normally one to brag or let my ego get in the way. Instead I pose questions to understand in full what the needs are of the other party to whom I’m speaking.

Examine what made you successful

And when I’m not in meetings I concentrate on where my interests lie and what will be the next most advantageous step to build my own business. As I write books, articles and Tweets, I sit quietly in the background but these efforts get noticed, remembered and referred – the secret ingredients for building your brand.

While it sounds glamorous to be known and it seems as if life is now on Easy Street, that’s not necessarily true. Now that you are highly successful it is critical you examine what made you so. In particular analyze the elements of your brand that attracted so many. This is the area in which you must always focus and not deviate.

It’s when you allow your ego to accept any opportunity because “everything else worked” you get into trouble detracting from your original brand. Your clientele becomes confused and moves to a similar service elsewhere while the new strategy does not materialize as previously envisioned. This is where you begin to find yourself in trouble.

Allow your ego to accept?

For example, a number of well-known companies in the same industry asked me to exchange links with them on our respective websites. My response was, “if you can explain to me how this will be beneficial to both of us, I will be happy to do so.” It’s quite a coincidence none of these companies responded. It would have been a very one-sided benefit and certainly not mine.

Other successful people who know you may want you to help sell their service and products. You need to know their customer service policy, quality involved and level of integrity. If none of this is known, do your homework first.

Everyone and every thing with which you associate yourself becomes an integral part of your brand. As your success increases, it’s the wise person who scrutinizes each and every opportunity before accepting.

My mantra is you must say yes to opportunity and get the help you need to execute well – but only when you analytically and intuitively know it’s a great fit for your brand. Only then will you continue to enjoy a Smooth Sale!