Orlena Blanchard launches natural skincare line

"Blanchard Skincare Launch"

Orlena Nwokah Blanchard is an entrepreneur known for her significant social contributions, including promoting the CROWN Act. However, Blanchard’s focus has recently changed to natural skincare. Orlena firmly believes in the potency of organic ingredients to invigorate the skin and underscore natural beauty. As such, she launched her skincare line, free from harmful substances and tailored to cater to varying skin types and concerns. These products reflect Blanchard’s vision of beauty being primarily defined by the health and glow of one’s skin.

A competent engineer and a lifelong social activist, Blanchard brings her professional skillset to her business, where she handles responsibilities like inventory management, overhead costs, and retail processes. Her profound understanding of retail procedures has helped her to establish her agency in a tough market, specifically because of her dedication to promoting multiculturalism.

Blanchard’s skincare brand, ‘WonderTree Skin’ emphasizes natural ingredients, with a principal focus on the multifunctional moringa plant. Motivated by a personal health scare, Blanchard made this adventure to meet the skincare needs of consumers.

Blanchard’s natural skincare: Nourishing diverse skin

This line of products, all imbued with Moringa’s organic strength, prioritize skin nourishment enhancement of natural beauty.

Moreover, her fascination with the Moringa plant comes from its antioxidant properties, a high concentration of vitamins, and its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting qualities. These factors were especially attractive to her, given her medical history of gastrointestinal issues and a pre-cancerous tumor diagnosis. After consuming Moringa in her diet, Blanchard experienced remarkable health improvements and was inspired to continue her exploration into the plant’s potential benefits.

Further investigation revealed that the Moringa plant could reduce melanin-dense skin inflammation. Blanchard also discovered the plant’s antioxidant properties capable of neutralizing free radicals, preventing skin damage and aging. The plant’s strong anti-inflammatory abilities also allow it to soothe and heal various skin conditions, making it perfect for sensitive, melanin-rich skin.

The WonderTree Skin brand symbolizes Blanchard’s personal experience of finding natural solutions for common skin conditions in melanin-rich individuals. She uses natural ingredients scientifically tailored to address the specific skin care needs of those with abundant melanin. Partnering with dermatologists and researchers, she has ensured her products are not only effective but well-researched and safe. Blanchard’s brand is a powerful challenge to the industry’s one-size-fits-all approach and a beacon of empowerment for individuals with darker skin tones to embrace and care for their naturally beautiful skin.