U.S stocks face dip, tech giants scrutinized, Boeing leadership changes

"Tech Giants Scrutinized"

U.S. stock futures are whispered to kick off this week on a slightly lower note, following a stellar previous week which saw primary indices hitting all-new highs, potentially setting the stage for a victory lap of five consecutive months of gains. Hang in there though, come Friday, we’ll be getting some juicy data – think February’s personal income and spending figures. The spotlight will definitely be on the Federal Reserve’s go-to inflation measure: the PCE index.

Over on the tech frontier, heavy hitters Apple, Meta Platforms, and Alphabet have found themselves in hot water. The European Union has launched an investigation into alleged “steering” tactics employed by these firms, where businesses using their platforms are potentially blocked from offering customers more affordable alternatives. The plot thickens with allegations against Meta Platforms specifically, as it is scrutinised for how it uses personal data across its Facebook and Instagram platforms for advertising purposes.

Airborne from the tech world to aviation, and we find Boeing in the midst of major executive reshuffles, with the imminent retirement of CEO Dave Calhoun and Chairman Larry Kellner. Adding to this, Stan Deal, President and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, is handing over the wheel to Stephanie Pope. Despite the changeover, Boeing isn’t veering off course—they insist they’re committed to confronting their challenges and continuing to create value for their stakeholders.

Market movements: U.S stocks dip, tech faces scrutiny, Boeing reshuffles leadership

We can’t wait to see how Boeing’s incoming CEO will take the company’s strategy to new heights.

Meanwhile, over at the GTC conference, Nvidia emphasised adaptability and strategic alliances. Key players in various industries are banking on maintaining strong ties with Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, as a cornerstone to future success. Two names that have hit it out of the park thanks to partnerships with Nvidia? Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Zoom Technologies. By fostering ties with Nvidia, these companies have seen immense growth, standing strong in their respective sectors.

Capping this piece off with a sprinkling of Disney magic as Barclays, bolstered by a recent narrative reset and promising revisions to estimates, has amped Disney’s status to ‘buy’, sending its price target sailing from $95 to $135. On another branch of the investment tree, Blackwell’s Capital has recently sent out a letter that honours billionaire activist investors and their game-changing influence.