Is there one small item – something as low as $1 that your prospects could buy from you?

Could it be a trial offer that costs just $1, and a payment of significantly more – if the trial offer proves to be valuable and effective?

We all think of hitting home runs, of developing the killer app, closing the monster deal or getting the absolutely ideal job.

What if you could get exactly what you want, it’s just that you started really, really small. Micro-small.

We know it’s true with learning new skills and unlearning bad habits. Almost everything good starts with a baby step. Try to knit a whole scarf – you can’t at one time. You can only make one stitch at a time.

Can’t read a whole 200 page book in an instant or consume a whole 16 ounce steak in one bite.  Got to take it all a bit or a bite at a time.

Do this today. Break down your biggest goal – or your unfulfilled resolution – into micro-dots along a line toward the ideal result. Create the tiny points – maybe calorie by calorie, maybe letter by letter, maybe just finding the phone number of just one person who you need to call.

Every great chain of events starts with one link and then only grows as you add them.

Let’s take all the heat down a notch. Baby yourself. One small step at a time.