The world is changing and it’s going to have a monumental affect on every profession and person. The rules and boundaries have shifted as the internet and social networking have evolved into staples of our everyday lives.

Change is inevitable – growth is a choice

The world economy is in the process of going digital and more is on the way. Technologies like telepresence (Cisco) and GoToMeeting (Citrix) are allowing people to interact in stunning clarity over IP networks and their desktops revolutionizing the way we do business.

Televisions are now widget enabled and internet ready so users can enjoy their favorite social networking sites like Flickr and Twitter right from their living room. Heck, you can even watch your fantasy football team update right on your own TV as you watch the game — pretty cool!

Health records are in the process of being digitized because for too many years we have relied on unsustainable means of data entry and preservation adding massive costs to our health care system. Would you believe that only 15% of all patient records in the United States are digital? It is true.

Businesses have realized the value or their information and have taken steps to preserve and protect their digital information. Digital economy businesses rely on analyzing massive amounts of digital information to bring new products and services to market quicker than their competitors.

Many of us have joined social networks because we enjoy the interaction, entertainment and knowledge sharing that it brings to our lives. We write blog posts, post photos, post tweets and update our status all the time.

If the world economy, television, health records, businesses, and even you and I have gone digital — the next logical step is to create your personal brand and take advantage of the opportunities the digital economy presents.