This is my year.

This is the time when I re-launch my life.

I blast away to my dreams and my visions.

I leave behind ties that bind me for no reason.

This is the season of my greatest leap forward, into my zone.

I decide who I am and how I want to be known.

I own my place on this planet, and whatever is beyond it.

My trajectory goes exactly how I want it.

This is the journey of my lifetime with no concessions, just blessings.

I defy anyone who tries to quell me, or compel me into squandering my time.

I defy gravity.

I defy the odds.

I do what I have never done before. I will soar. I will be more.

This year I am the greatest iteration of who I can be.

Because this is my time, this is all about me.

I don’t care what I was; only what I can be.

I have the strength; I have the will. I am ready for the fight.

I know how to accomplish things that seem larger than life.

It’s done in small bites, so it’s easy for me.

I am voracious; I am courageous; I am prepared to be outrageous.

I know where I am going and how to exit the past.

This is my year; this is my life.

Now I get what I want and I get it real fast.