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EDITOR’S NOTE:  I’m catching up this week as much as you are on the great insights of our authors.  I spent the week in intense training and networking at #PubCon.  I had hoped to have a great post to you about all of it this week and found  (which often happens at conferences) to be overloaded with so much great information.  To avoid diluting the richness of everything I learned, I’ll review things one at a time a little bit more in depth and with some examples so that you can take advantage and apply this to your personal brand.

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Facebook  Marketing Your Personal Brand

Facebook ads are a powerful tool that will often trigger word of mouth marketing to work in your advantage. This (using ads) is the most powerful way of promoting anything because they tend to go viral pretty quickly. Having ads on social media are perfect if you want to promote yourself and grow your popularity, visibility and most importantly, a fan base. Sadly, many people find them confusing and thus don’t utilize them much in their marketing strategies.

In reality, Facebook ads are not that difficult to understand, especially when you know what they can do for you in relation to what you want to achieve.

Promoting your posts

If you want to promote your posts so that they are seen by a lot more people than would ordinarily see them, you will have to start by creating a new status update.  Once you have completed compiling your new status update, you will see a ‘promote’ button at the end of the status form. Click this button and it will take you through the process of placing your ad to promote your post. You should be able to see a price against the approximate number of fans it will be promoted to. Decide how much you want to pay to reach the number of people you desire to reach. When you are done, make sure you click ‘save’ and your post will then be promoted over a period of 3 days to the number of fans you have opted to reach.

Many folks do not quite understand the difference in reach when you promote a post in this way, as compared to doing it via a unpromoted status update. The big difference is that when you promote through a status on your fan page you will usually reach a fraction of your  likers.  Facebook’s Edge Rank algorithm determines that only about 16% of your likes “see” your update.  However, when you promote through a paid ad on Facebook, you will be able to reach more of your existing fans, plus friends of those who are linked to your post will also be much more likely to see your ad.

Just to give you an idea of how Facebook charges for these ads, to reach about 1,000 people will cost $5, approximately 3,700 people will cost $20, and 14,000+ fans will cost you $75.

Over the next few weeks, and in greater detail on my blog, I’ll cover how you can harness the power of this to help increase your visbility, credibility and connectability.


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