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    Host Party photo from ShutterstockHave you ever heard the statement – she’s the hostess with the mostest?

    You may think you’ve only heard kids saying it but, in truth, I’ve heard adults utter the phrase as soon as someone makes a comment about how good a hostess someone is.

    If you want your brand to stand out, then you want to be the host with the most.

    This does not mean that you have to host the next mixer, gathering, event or lunch activity.  What it does mean is that you need to “act like” the host at any event you attend.

    If you want to stand out, act like the host.

    You’re not taking away from someone’s event.  In fact, if anything, you’re adding value and you are also being very visible about your own value.

    Invited to an event?

    The next event you go:

    1. You be the one to meet people.  Take the initiative to welcome.  (Not in a weird way by cutting off the actual host – but in a helpful way that helps new people to the event feel included and most of all welcome.)
    2. Help people find the drinks, the host, the snacks, the information, the facilities – just help them. Don’t leave them wandering around and be there to assist. You’re not on staff but you are the person “in the know” and that’s a good person for people to connect with.
    3. Introduce new comers to the event to others. Help them meet people and make introductions. It’s awkward when you first walk into a place brand new and you’re still assessing and trying to get your bearings. Help shortcut that for someone and position yourself not only as friendly but also a hub of connections (a great position to be in).

    Do this well and you will also be seen by the actual host as someone who adds value to an event.  And, someone who adds value always gets on the invited list.

    Here are some other tips to help you with your personal brand communication, discovery and management:

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