Much of what’s written is about how to express your personal brand. 
In fact, when I’m contacted there’s usually a disappointing pause when I say that there’s ‘no magic bullet’ to personal branding. The only thing magical is discovering what makes you unique and expressing, exuding and engaging with your unique style. The key is when you master all three.

Engaging your brand takes interaction with others. It’s not one sided as the other parts of personal branding.

Seeing how your brand is expressed through mobile platforms is very important.

It’s easy to see how pervasive mobile technology has become. Take a look around and you’ll see people with their faces buried in their mobile phones. Mobile is everywhere… in our hands, on our nightstands and desks, on the news… everywhere. Mobile is at the intersection of all the most important aspects of our lives — family, work, socialization, fun, and business.

Here are a few statistics that will make the case:

  • eMarketer estimates the number of U.S. consumers with a smartphone will more than double from 93.1 million at the end of 2011 to 192.4 million by 2016, when 58.5 percent of the total U.S. population will have a smart phone.
  • 55 percent of adult phone owners now go online using their phones, and 17 percent do most of their online browsing on their phone rather than on a computer or other device. Most do so for convenience, but for some, their phone is their only option for online access. (Source: Pew Internet).

Here’s more on how mobile search can help you make you next great connection!

Here’s what we covered this week in the Personal Branding Blog:

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To increase productivity in the workplace, it is important to understand what others do. [tweet this]

Reframe your perk request to accentuate the benefits it will bring to your company. [tweet this]

The media is always looking for that one quote that will grab the reader’s attention. [tweet this]

If you’re in a meeting and someone takes out a sheet of paper and a pen to take notes, would you stop them? [tweet this]

Did you know training is usually never the answer to a company’s problems, and it may actually make the problem worse? [tweet this]

How can you get to the top? Learn how to exceed among exceeders. [tweet this]

Bullying is a fact of life. In business, bullies go for greater financial gain, privilege or position. [tweet this]

Working from home means less stress, as you’re in your own environment that you created for yourself. [tweet this]

When interviewing via webcam, keep your environment – or everything in the frame – clean and professional. [tweet this]

A poor image on LinkedIn kicks a candidate out of the competition. [tweet this]

Polishing habits that work well will serve to radiate your personal brand and attract an increased clientele. [tweet this]

The four main reasons people don’t buy or want help comes down to no need, time, money or trust. [tweet this]

Recruiters screen large volumes of resumes quickly, looking for reasons to throw most of them away. [tweet this]

Over 65% of employers check social media profiles as part of the job screening process. [tweet this]

Only communicate appreciation when it is genuine, as people can often spot “fake” appreciation. [tweet this]

A personal brand is developed over time, so there is no better time than right now to get started in the process. [tweet this]

Since no one is getting any unused time back tomorrow, strive to make the most of what you have today. [tweet this]

Broad experience can be an asset—if you make it work for you. [tweet this]

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