Create an Amazing Personal Online Brand in 9 Steps

Personal Branding
Creating an amazing personal online brand can be difficult, but a great way to start a personal brand online is to look at what's available.

Have you ever looked for the website of a company or their social media pages and found they didn’t exist? If so, chances are you got the impression that they’re not authentic or have become outdated. Hang onto the memory of those disappointments as you build your personal online brand.

The same rules apply to the world of business. When you meet with a prospective partner in business or even submit an application for a job, the person who is interested is likely to seek you out. If they do, you’ll need to have your personal brand represented via a professional online presence. Use the nine steps listed below to create an amazing personal online brand.

1. Set up a website and domain.

An excellent way to establish your own online brand is to own your own domain and website. This puts you in control of your website. It gives you the ability to go beyond the limitations of social media platforms that have design limitations. In addition, having your own website is a clear indication of the fact that you’ve taken responsibility for your professional career.

2. Connect with your audience online and off.

Any brand’s image extends beyond color schemes and message presentation. The audience must be able to connect with you in every aspect and this comes from the consistency of your interactions. You shouldn’t create an online presence that doesn’t align with the way they see your brand. Therefore, the degree of interaction offline should complement your online presence in order to create an amazing personal online brand.

3. Be consistent across platforms.

Although every digital platform differs on the basis of demographics and goals, your online presence must be consistent. Your LinkedIn profile should match your resume. This is true for your work experience as well as your personal style. Being consistent and authentic will build trust and generate confidence in your work, and enhance your credibility.

4. Google yourself…and course-correct if you need to.

Creating an amazing personal online brand can be extremely difficult, but a great way to start a strong personal brand online is to look at what’s available. Search yourself. Find out what comes up. Are there any photos that are relevant to you or information that you’re connected to? This is a great method to establish a baseline for the content you’re putting out on the internet. You can then begin to make corrections. Be sure to think before posting. It is impossible to know who might be watching you.

5. Be mindful of your content strategy.

It’s not enough just to publish content. It’s not enough just to be hilarious and popular. You must understand what you’re looking for, the people you’re seeking, and your end goal. After you’ve answered these questions in detail, you can make a plan that’s realistic for you. It’s possible to go further but consistency is the most important thing. Be sensible. Even if you blog once per month, make sure you are posting at least a minimum a month.

6. Learn from your peers.

Test your personal online brand details with trusted colleagues or peers whose profiles you consider authentic and professional. Friends can assist you in editing out any information that may be viewed as extreme, including photographs that aren’t meant for prospective employers. They might also assist you in putting together important points to highlight your strengths if you appeared too modest initially.

7. Learn to be a genuine storyteller.

Develop a strong personal online brand for yourself by telling stories that connect to your ideal client’s needs and desires. These stories are subtly marketing to them through a story that shows the journey of your brand that resonates with your potential customers. These stories create trust and allow people to feel connected to the values of your personal online brand. When you are a great storyteller, marketing will become more authentic and less unpleasant.

8. Concentrate on others so they’ll see you as the focus.

This advice may not be practical but it’s effective every time. If you create your business around helping others in any aspect of your life that you can be a focal point, other people are likely to focus their attention on you. Once you’ve gained their attention you can offer assistance, advice, guidance, and support. If it’s effective, they are likely to return for more.

9. Learn your purpose and who you want to reach.

Many personal brands are perceived as fake since they aren’t conducting themselves authentically. Personal branding that is authentically personal is focused on triggering an emotional response. Consider the connection you have to your ideal customers and what issue you are in a position to resolve. Let your personal brand come from a conversation with your customers. What do they need? Answer that hunger, be real and vulnerable.

By following these nine steps, you should have no problem creating an amazing personal online brand.