Mobile is an area of fascination for many advertisers and marketers, partially because it is confounding. Ideally, mobile commerce is more efficient than search because its targeted consumers aren’t those sitting on couches and thinking about purchasing something. Instead, the campaigns are focused on consumers who are out in the real world and are very open to suggestions on where to go next.

Mainstream mobile marketing

While mobile marketing is going mainstream, mobile commerce is also expected to increase steadily to an estimated $630B by the year 2014. Mobile entertainment in the form of wallpapers, iTV, and games will continue to be the biggest application for purchasing and selling through mobile phones.

Here are 5 mobile marketing strategies that will help you dominate your industry as the “go to” personal brand on the go! Make sure you consider your objectives, goals, target market and other metrics before even setting course for your mobile marketing campaign.

The personal brand on the go!

  • Search is king. For any brand being visible is important – it is vital that your customers find you. This also translates to search and other related services like Google Maps and the social platforms you choose to publish a profile.  If you have a mobile profile site be sure it’s listed so that you are visible even with mobile searches.
  • Social media on the go! Social media goes beyond personal computers. Participants view social media as real time and as an asynchronous channel of communication. Connect through social media sites and highlight your unique brand attributes, personally, not just what you do for your company.
  • Join me here! Location based services are focused on major players like FourSquare, Facebook and Gowalla. Don’t forget other related services such as Google Maps and Yelp. You need to think beyond Foursquare “mayorships” and see whose checked in.   People still delight when they hear their name, when they’re valued and when they’re recognized.
  • SMS continues to grow! Text messaging has already extended its reach. Even with SMART phones we now see the ability to “ignore call with text”. So, what is your outgoing text saying about your personal brand?

The smartphone is where the fight for attention  is moving. This is where consumers examine what the competition has to offer, where they find their news and where they stay ultimately connected. As mobile devices are becoming prevalent as a search method and there is a greater adoption of web-enabled devices, it is vital that personal brands engage their targeted audience in this platform.