Should You Promote Your Personal Brand With Snapchat?

Personal Branding

When building a personal brand mobile marketing is key to increased visibility online. To achieve this it’s not only important to create compelling visual content that attracts an audience, but to also tailor them for your niche. There is still a large number of younger users who use the popular social network, Snapchat, and advertising opportunities are growing here.

With content that can reach your target market in a more personalized way, a personal brand can tap into a wider community of people who are mostly aged 25 and younger. With use of special effects, clever emojis, a headline with catchy phrases and images or videos, you can capture the attention of users and draw them into your ads.

How can you effectively promote your brand on Snapchat? One way is to bring users into the latest news and events your are offering. Other ways are through targeted and entertaining ads, direct messages, and exclusive offers.

Being aware of what your market is desiring and is attracted to will help your personal brand establish itself as an authority on mobile platforms like this one.

How to share great mobile content on Snapchat

Here are several ways you can start reaching a larger audience:

  • Keep your audience in the loop during an event – If you are involved in an offline even or have a new product launch you will want to create a series of branded stories with hashtags that will help your audience to follow along and take advantage of any special offers.
  • Bring in some humor – Because Snapchat is geared toward a younger set of users you should think about how to best appeal to their emotions in a way that fits your brand image. Include special effects and funny videos in order to get the conversation going.
  • Create Snap Ads – In the midst of your regular snaps you should be investing in advertisements, which look very similar to organic content. This is a good opportunity to include a call-to-action and bring users directly to your sales page or website.

As mobile continues to grow in popularity and usage, it is more important than ever to tap into this large market, and to make your personal brand stand out on places like Snapchat. Content that is fresh, original, creative and interactive does well on this platform, especially when GeoFilters on the various locations of your snaps are added.